June 21, 2012

can you feel it?

this photo is not really current so the belly is much larger these days but for the summer theme, i just went with it. i was almost 6 months along here. and i thought that was huge, ha! 

when i left my house this morning, i was greeted with the absolute certainty that summer has arrived. the air is different, the sun is brighter and warmer. it's pretty marvelous. i walked out of the office later today and felt it again. just to be sure, i stood out in the sun for a bit. could it be that june gloom is gone?? i sure do hope so. visions of pool time and bbqs are dancing in my head and i am ready to cash in. 

what are you looking forward to this summer? 

me? a big, tan, happy belly to be followed up with a little baby boy! and when the sun is down, i still look forward to reality tv on the regular. a personal fave...pregnant in heels. check out why i love it so over here

we're on a bit of a guest post streak this week; if 2 constitutes a streak. though i'm guessing it doesn't. 

happy weekend!!
edit: don't forget to enter for this giveaway! you could win, guys, really.


  1. I am a huge reality television fan... probably more than I'd like to admit. But my co-workers make fun of me for it! There is a lot to be learned from these shows...like how not to make others' mistakes!

  2. lurve the bikini! i'm 40 weeks monday and i'll be rockin mine this weekend :) (even it's only because i'm too cheap to buy a maternity suit!)

  3. i'm such a sucker for reality tv. i watched pregnant in heels when it first came on, but had no idea it had come back! it's pretty ridic..i'll have to see if it's on demand. (which is way worse than just catching it while it's on. ha.)

    also, yay SUMMER!

  4. You're so cute! Happy Summer!

  5. YAY Summer!!!! River looks really cute in that swimmie ;)

  6. I love this picture of you. You just wear the bikini-with-baby-belly so well!

    I am looking forward to 4th of July parties and BBQ's. Watermelon and Top Gun. Mmm!

  7. Cutest picture Vic! I'm right there with you my friend. LOVING this sun shiny weather we've been having!!!

  8. you are rocking that bikini,such a beautiful bump you have! pregnant in heels is one of my favorites, rosie is such a sweetheart!
    I'm looking forward to soaking up as much sunshine as possible :)

  9. Cute suit!!! Is it a maternity one, or just a regular bikini?

  10. Pregnant in Heels is one of my fave shows and I am neither pregnant nor currently in heels.