June 26, 2012

call me irresponsible

i overdrew my account today.


"your account is overdrawn, do you want me to transfer money for you?" texted the hank at 8am.

"ugh. by how much?" 

"86 i think"

fucking target. i can't leave that place without spending at least $50

"yes, please."

i believe i've overdrawn my account 5 or 6 times in my life. it usually upsets me. today though, i took it in stride because i knew i'd been spending money like it grows inside a belly. aand truth be told, this is my fun money account so bills were paid and all but still, i never get to the bottom of the barrel guys. and do you want to know what i blame?

i blame this pregnancy. i want new clothes all. the. time. i want to see what maternity and non-maternity clothes will look like on this maternity body. i want to try any and every pregnant gadget and cream out there. i want to sample every bra available to my growing boobs. i want that $50 organic onesie that just happens to have a ridiculously witty saying on it. i want. i want.

i even ordered organic almond oil from amazon at 1am the other night..i already have two other belly butters/oils that serve the same purpose. oh, one-click buy, i wish i could quit you.

down to my last negative dollar...what should i buy, guys?!

thanks be to the hank. 
and to paydays. 



  1. I love Target so much. SO much. I avoid going there sometimes because I know I will spend all of my money.

    I also happen to like their maternity clothes - and I'm not pregnant. I bought a shirt from the maternity section a few years ago. Love wearing it when I'm growing a beer baby on a hot summer day ;)

  2. I can sooooo sympathize with this! however, I've forced myself to behave and wait until after my shower to buy too many baby boy threads. I think you should buy a sweet tea from McDonald's with that dolla. holla!

    um and also... I cannot go into Target alone. it is forbidden by the husband.

  3. I justified SO many purchases in pregnancy.
    The running joke in my family is that I go to Target once a day.

    The sad part?
    It's not that far from true.

    And why, why, why is my Target bill ALWAYS $83? How do that many different things always add up to the exact total of $83?

  4. I totally hear you about Target!! It's impossible!! I always have to stop myself from even going in. Sounds like I better not get pregnant either!

  5. I feel ya on the Target shopping getting outta hand...I just can't control myself!Oh,and spend your last dollar at the dollar bin in Target!Duh!haha!

  6. Buy a lotto ticket so you can win and pay me back (and so we can retire, I'm ready for that)

  7. hank saved the day, lol! hey, it happens to the best of us. I go to Target for one thing and I ALWAYS leave with about $50 worth of crap (I buy nail polish every time I visit Target)

  8. I think it's funny to see how many women relate to you in this! I was just about to comment that I'm totally picking up what you're laying down... and I see that a hand full of ladies already have!
    Welp, you are not alone!
    Oy and going over in your bank account no matter what the situation... such a yucky feeling!

    Happy Hump Day!

  9. Omg true story--One time at Starbucks, I decided to buy my coworkers espresso shots for 50 cents. It was 5 transactions for 50 cents each. I went to target after and bought a blanket. Little did I know that my account was empty before Starbucks so those 6 transactions were all charged 35$ overdraft fees. Long story short I spent like 300$ on fees and that stupid Target blanket and those 50 cent shots.

  10. Girl- I feel ya. Not on the being pregnant part, but overdrawing the acct. because of clothes. It's not our fault stores have such good stuff! :)