June 28, 2012

the land of lakes...and silos, corn fields, dairy queens, and slow drivers

turns out i didn't need to worry about my flight at all, guys! we flew delta and um, have you been in their seats lately?? they recline in a super awesome way. not only do the seat backs recline but the seat bottom slides forward at the same time! it's loungetastic! thanks delta, i appreciate the innovation. 

and as i lounged about the plane, sitting criss-cross applesauce, i read the entire time on my bestie kindle. currently i'm reading bringing up bebe (thanks carrie!!) and i'm loving it. even if french parenting tactics prove to be nothing more than common sense, its still neat to read about all the things i'll be able to do in just a few short months. can. not. wait. 

so we know i didn't need to worry about flying but maybe, just maybe, i should have worried a little more about pregnancy brain packing. as in, i forgot EVERYTHING. 

let's run down the list, yes?

* bathing suit - how does one NOT bring a bathing suit to the sweltering land of lakes, the lakes we've planned on jumping into?! didn't even cross my mind, folks. 

* computer - i'm not in the wedding, hank is. that means he's got a lot of activities to keep him busy whilst i am chillin' in the hotel and exploring this town of 2 streets. a computer (mine, with all my programs and shizz) would have been swell. gah. 

* face wash - it's cool. i'll just use the luxurious bar of hotel provided soap. it's so deliciously drying. mmmm

* razor - sometimes hair grows on my legs and other um, places and gee, it'd be super cool to display that to everyone in my non-existent bathing suit at the lake...

* camera - nope, never been here before. let's take some photos! oh, wait. i forgot my camera. oh hey there iPhone, good thing you've got a decent battery because you're my everything!!! wah. 

as i said, pregnancy brain to the maximillionness. to further prove that i live in babyland, i give you the things i DID remember to bring. 

* body pillow - lately, i can't sleep without this baby and so i had hank stuff it into his golf bag. drivers, wedges and pillows. check! 

* 7 bras - not. even. kidding. boobs are a serious problem for this baby maker and yeah, every day and shirt requires a different one, with alternate options for optimum comfort. 

* belly butter - this is lotion for big, stretching bellies. gotta have it at all times. yes, i've already applied some in my hotel room. maybe twice. 

* 5 dresses and 4 pairs of pants - oh what, nothing fits me anymore! it's a daily challenge. 

in an effort to rectify my forgetfulness, i might be on my way to target in the next 15 minutes. i know, i know.
but its cool, i'll just have hank transfer money before i go. juuuuuuust kidding!


June 27, 2012

a trip and a winner

we're off on a jet plane today. 
minnesota bound and wedding ready! 

i imagine there to be trees and lakes there. we don't have many of those here so photos must be taken. i'll also be documenting my belly in transit because methinks flying at 30 weeks pregnant may be slightly difficult. who knows, perhaps i'll even knock a fellow passenger out with my big belly on my 29th trip to the bathroom! 

only time will tell.
wish me luck and follow along via instagram


remember that giveaway i was havin'? 

yay for natasha!
hey pretty lady, i'm think i have your email address already but feel free to email me about how excited you are because i love emails like you love apples! 

thanks to everyone else for entering! 


June 26, 2012

call me irresponsible

i overdrew my account today.


"your account is overdrawn, do you want me to transfer money for you?" texted the hank at 8am.

"ugh. by how much?" 

"86 i think"

fucking target. i can't leave that place without spending at least $50

"yes, please."

i believe i've overdrawn my account 5 or 6 times in my life. it usually upsets me. today though, i took it in stride because i knew i'd been spending money like it grows inside a belly. aand truth be told, this is my fun money account so bills were paid and all but still, i never get to the bottom of the barrel guys. and do you want to know what i blame?

i blame this pregnancy. i want new clothes all. the. time. i want to see what maternity and non-maternity clothes will look like on this maternity body. i want to try any and every pregnant gadget and cream out there. i want to sample every bra available to my growing boobs. i want that $50 organic onesie that just happens to have a ridiculously witty saying on it. i want. i want.

i even ordered organic almond oil from amazon at 1am the other night..i already have two other belly butters/oils that serve the same purpose. oh, one-click buy, i wish i could quit you.

down to my last negative dollar...what should i buy, guys?!

thanks be to the hank. 
and to paydays. 


June 25, 2012

preggy belly monday: week 30

not much to report except feeling so excited that we're into the last 10 weeks! 10 weeks! 10 weeks! phew. 
lots of movement, per the usual, and new "sensations" on the daily. yesterday greeted me with a lovely stinging/burning under my ribs. little feet, i'm guessing? pinched nerves? who knows but it wasn't my best moment to date. 

we've also been playing our favorites tunes to bunny boy and even bought new headphones to use on the belly and on my ears during labor. i bought these and really like them so far. it is the coolest thing to feel him move sooo much once the music starts going. so far, it seems tom petty and fleetwood mac are his faves. great choices, kid. 

i made my first furniture purchase this weekend! i went to a baby goods flea market with two of my pregnant cohorts and each of us walked away with new baby sleeping arrangements! i got the below, both, for $45. nothin' like a good deal. 

the moses basket fits into the cradle until he's big enough to cradle it up on his own. i'm pretty damn excited about these things. oh, it's a new day, folks, when baby cradles are enough to brighten your week. i'm shocking myself on a regular basis these days. next thing you know, i'm going to want to visit babiesRus and wander the aisles. ahhhh!

but don't fret because i'm still me. haven't washed my hair in 3 days and i just picked my nose. 


giveaway still going on today and tomorrow. yeehaw.

June 21, 2012

can you feel it?

this photo is not really current so the belly is much larger these days but for the summer theme, i just went with it. i was almost 6 months along here. and i thought that was huge, ha! 

when i left my house this morning, i was greeted with the absolute certainty that summer has arrived. the air is different, the sun is brighter and warmer. it's pretty marvelous. i walked out of the office later today and felt it again. just to be sure, i stood out in the sun for a bit. could it be that june gloom is gone?? i sure do hope so. visions of pool time and bbqs are dancing in my head and i am ready to cash in. 

what are you looking forward to this summer? 

me? a big, tan, happy belly to be followed up with a little baby boy! and when the sun is down, i still look forward to reality tv on the regular. a personal fave...pregnant in heels. check out why i love it so over here

we're on a bit of a guest post streak this week; if 2 constitutes a streak. though i'm guessing it doesn't. 

happy weekend!!
edit: don't forget to enter for this giveaway! you could win, guys, really.

throwback thursday

how lucky that today is thursday and that title totally works!

i was snooping in my old facebook photos and thought, shooot, sharing is caring. 
let's talk a walk. 


my 28th birthday [almost 3 years ago!!] at cheesecake factory aka my favorite restaurant
i could have alcohol back then...mmmmMmMm...alcohol. 


also 2009. 
i used to sing in front of people. 
i should probably do that again soon. 


at one of the best weddings ever. love you, ali! 
look at us tan little babies! 


me, shopping for wedding dresses. 
i didn't buy this one but doesn't that sales gal look excited!?

not throwback related, i'm blogging over at reverie today. 
see, very current! 


June 19, 2012

Payday Tuesday \\\ Shabby Apple Giveaway - CLOSED

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June 18, 2012

pbm :: week 29

not for nothin' guys but these weeks are flying by. FLY-ING! and it just keeps getting better. i'm serious, i can hardly contain my excitement about meeting and loving this little man. also exciting is the dress i'm wearing today. it's old, like super old, like 7 years old and it was $15 from this store. holla! 

also better is the news from friday's appointment. 

1. met the midwife and holy babyinfo! it's like another world, my friends. she talked a lot and gave me information and asked questions and commented on my belly and on bunny's position. and was like, helpful! yay for awesome midwives. if you have the choice, try it ladies! doctors are for surgeries, midwives are for baby mommas. 

2. my placenta is where it's supposed to be! it is out of the way, jose. and i am clear for natural birthing take-off. roger that. 

3. glucose test passed. i don't really know what the alternative is or what not passing means but i like getting good grades so i'm happy.

bunny size: so we were measuring at 29 weeks on friday, about a week and day ahead of schedule. to the hospital, this means nothing. to me, it means that possibly, maybe he'll arrive a little sooner than anticipated. i believe in my belief!

weight: ok, so i know i said i wasn't going to post about this anymore but apparently i'm a liar and can't help myself. i previously saw it as a scary thing and bad to give any attention to but since i've come to this stage of enjoying pregnancy, i dunno, the numbers just don't scare me at all. it is what it is. and i love how everyone looks so different with weight gain. it's impossible to measure weight through appearance because we all carry it so differently. kinda neat, i think! so, as of today, i have gained 19 lbs. i was up to 20 last week but we've been holding steady at 19 for about 5 days so there ya have it. 

sleep: some nights are fabulous. some nights are meh.

success of the week: i THINK, i'm pretty sure, that i've completed my registries. Hallelujah! Praise Allah! Jeebus in the highest! after all the back and forth of WHERE to register, I finally decided on babiesRus and Amazon.com. and i'm really happy with my decision because i feel like i can find most anything on either website and have the option of different colors and prices. AND if there is anything i like from a random shop, i can add that to the amazon list! entirely comprehensive if you ask me! of course, now i stare at them often just to admire all the fun things. ha! what can i say, i'm a woman obsessed. 

also, i just want to say to you all, thanks so much for following along. it makes me smile, a lot. 


June 15, 2012

happy things on a friday


it's friday and i'm oh, so glad. this week has been a bit hectic at work and I am looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend of nothing. couch time, a little Game of Thrones time, throw in some ice cream and things will be good, good, good. and speaking of good, here are some things that made me happy today and it's only 8:32am! I'm really shooting for the stars today. 

>>good bed head. oh man, is there anything better?? not having to wash or brush your hair after a good night's sleep. i think not. 

>>a lovely email in my inbox about a new giveaway coming your way soon! i like being the good news bearer. it's like i'm the gal who walks around handing out paychecks in the office each week! we don't have that here but i saw it on the movie Big and not only because tom hanks looked super excited but that sounds like the best job ever. so yeah, i'll be handing you a big fat paycheck soon. 

>>wearing a jean jacket and leggings. i will never not love my jean jacket from 1999 and i will ignore anyone who says leggings are not pants. because i do and they are! i have lots of photographic evidence. 

>>seeing my bestie at starbucks this morning. i'm telling you, hearing my name will never get old. especially when he's handing me a chai latte and a multigrain bagel with shmear. 

>>driving to work and passing an old man, walking uphill, with a handful of freshly picked yellow flowers. i imagine them to be for his long lost love. she's sitting in a window seat at the top of the hill, in her cozy apartment dreaming about seeing him again. he was wearing blue pants, a plaid button-down shirt and a snap cap. she's going to be so excited, don't you think!? 

>>and last but not in any way least, today is ultrasound day! it feels like forever since i've seen bunny wiggle and dance on the big screen and i'm soooo excited to sneak another peek. get ready bunny, the parents are coming to town. 

oh, friday, i could just hug you. 

what's making you happy today?


p.s. that's me in my new asos top. hank says it's the most unflattering thing in the world. this after i said: i want to buy 20 more in ever color! weeeee! 
sometimes we don't see eye to eye. because he's tall and shit. 

June 13, 2012

let's glow a little

oh the light. the light is killing me. these are just the latest from the glow, the website i'm most definitely obsessed with. and this is how i see myself currently...

pregnant, glowing, long, draped and happy.
it's a mind over matter kinda thang.


June 12, 2012

a regular, finally.

six, twelve, twelve. 
so congruent and lovely, yes?

also lovely!? 

I am officially official. 
My face recognizable and my name known to the masses…

at my local Starbucks! 

I walked in yesterday morning and approached the counter. 

"Hi Vicki! How are ya?"

{smiling big fat face time} "Hii! You remembered! Yay" 

…and then we laughed and talked about our babies. He has one in the outside world with a mop of curly hair as proven by the photos he showed me on his phone. I said the boy was adorable and told him about my potentially adorable son. So now we're besties. Though I forgot to ask his name…why don't baristas wear name tags? Too trite? Too McDonaldsesque? Coffee is not fast food - we've learned this - but we still want it fast. And if my local Starbucks had a drive-thru, you can bet your ass I'd be driving thru it. 

Where was I? Name tags. So yeah, I didn't catch his name, I'll ask next time. I'm not the best bestie, apparently.


p.s. I'm beyond bored today.
p.p.s. I think someone effed with my pandora stations because some seriously random songs that I don't like are thumbs'd up. 
p.p.p.s. my tip for creating the best pandora station: ONLY thumbs up something that you absolutely want to hear over and over again. otherwise, never thumbs up anything. only down, people, down with the songs you don't like. weed them out. play god and enjoy the music. 

June 11, 2012

Pregnant Belly Monday - Week 28

this last week has been so positive that i can say with confidence that i am officially excited about being pregnant. my pelvic pain sensations have become much less intense. dare i say they're almost entirely gone? i can walk much easier and i kinda forgot how moving around comfortably can bring a smile to this face. people at work actually said: you seem happier. which, truth be told, is sad. i had no idea i had been pegged the sad, pregnant monster. alas, when you're a smiley person by nature, i suppose it goes heavily noticed when you're less than cheery. #happygirlproblems

hank and i have come to really love our hypnobirthing classes. every tuesday, we learn so much that we're starting to feel empowered and ready to have this bunny boy in a calm and healthy way. we meet the midwife on friday and i'm hopeful that she'll be supportive and encouraging. fingers crossed.

clothes: so remember when i bought these beauties? welp, it's a proven fact! tracking your packages incessantly makes them arrive sooner! i came home to a happy asos package on friday and was all yeeaahh boyeeee, tracking magic. then i tried on all my goodies aaaand 2 don't fit. both shirts were a go. [see: shirt in above photos] but the bright blue skinnies (wah!) and the gorgeous, fabulous dress... bad news: the jeans were too small. good news: the dress was too big! so back they go and don't even doubt that i bought the smaller size in the dress and that i'll be tracking that frock all week, because i did and i will. free shipping both ways is buttah. 

food: i like watermelon. i'd like it more if i could find a nice, juicy, red one. i also like ice cream. all flavors accepted. i still love cereal, on the regular, for every meal maybe. 

obsession: baby registries. word. i thought registering for my wedding was difficult but i was wrong and that was cake compared to the mind-blowing confusion and overwhelming bombardment of baby goods available to me. everything comes in every color and size and brand and type and all of them have 1000 reviews. only some are available at this site and others on this site. and babiesRus is great but target is more convenient and amazon is so universal and buy buy baby is totally new and rad. AHHHH. don't really but um, please, kill me now. 

boobs: still huge. in berlin. big berlin boobs! come and get me, googlers. 

happy pbm! but let's just pretend today is sunday, part 2, with work, yes?  


June 8, 2012

flashback friday


hank and i had been dating for less than a year and we had spent most days of these first 9 months together. we've since spent most days of our last 6 years together as well. but oh that first year. how amazing is the first year?! everything is flirting. everything is exciting. everything is everything. 

and while the first year holds a lot of firsts, we're finding that every year is kinda like that. there are always new things to experience together, say, for instance...making a baby! yep, no shortage of firsts there. 

happy friday, lovies! 

June 7, 2012

things i bought

i bought this group of goodies from Asos last week. i check the tracking pretty much every day, which is silly because it says i won't receive them until 6/12 and today is the 7th and yeah, i'm impatient. 

the shirts and pants are for everyday wear but that dress...ohh, that dress. i really hope it's short enough, draped enough and nude enough to be just the right amount of pregnant ensemble gorgeous that i'm hoping for. i'd like to wear it to the wedding i'm headed to at the end of this month. 

the wedding is in minnesota and guess what?! i've never been there! 

new things, people. new things. 

June 6, 2012

camera 1, camera 2

same dress. 
6 months later. 


december 6, 2011

june 6, 2012

because it's funny. 

p.s. i didn't realize i was wearing the same dress exactly 6 months later until i looked at today's date. 
is kismet, methinks.

June 4, 2012

pbm: week 27

here we are, in week 27 - that's very close to 30, which is close to 40, which is awesome!

based on many opposing and confusing ideas on when the third trimester actually starts, i've decided to call this week my official first week of the 3rd and FINAL season of baby making. Oh, home stretch, I like you. I like you so very much. 

bunny stats: he weighs over 2 lbs now and can cry and grab things! to strengthen our bond, i've been crying and grabbing things out here in the real world too. today, alone, i've grabbed 3 cookies and shoved them into my mouth. and then i cried because my body became aggressive and showed me that digesting 3 cookies all at once is not easy anymore. ouch. 

bunny also kicks like a madman, all the time. i know i always note this but it's just so constant, that it must be said. lately, his kicking is of the spaz nature. like someone trying to swat a fly off every part of their body. fast and well, spaz-ish. and then there are the slooowww, turning kind of kicks which make me laugh because well, it tickles. if i'm laughing for no reason, that is why, kids. 

sleep: if i can get to sleep quickly, in any position, i am happy. it takes SO much maneuvering to find that sweet spot and it changes every night. i think its because shit is moving around in there and sometimes, lying on your lungs is bad for breathing.  i've actually been sleeping on my back a lot - which i've heard you're not supposed to do/want to do. booshit, books and internets. booshit. 

doctor things: i finally made the switch from ob/gyn to midwife! a midwife is required to deliver in the birthing center i prefer and i've been lagging on getting around to it. which, as always, is silly because once i did it, it took all of 10 minutes on the phone. my first appointment with the midwife is june 15th! that's also the day of my ultrasound, where they will most definitely tell me that my placenta hath moved and natural childbirth is in my future! fingers crossed. 

food: watermelon is my new bestie. i want it, always. now! give it to me!