May 1, 2012

workpedition. i dislike you.

good morning folks.

here i am, at 7:38 in the a.m., blogging to tell you that i hate traveling for work. i hate when hank travels for work. i hate when easton travels for work...

travel is for fun and relaxation, not business suits and hurried schedules. it's for taking in a new experience, not stressing out over getting wi-fi and scrambling to find all your notes.

alas, this week is a travel week for me.

so, after i publish this and shower and eat breakfast, i'm on my way up to the inland empire [look it up, it's not pretty] to manage 3 days of photo shoots. that's 3 days of standing and building product and rearranging shots and dealing with temps who will inevitably assemble things incorrectly. gah!

babbling, i know.

so that's what i'm doing this week. eating dinners alone in my hotel room, when what i'd really rather do is soak my toes in some maine beach sand.
and read a book.
and take a nap.



  1. oooo, what do you do for work? I know you work with Mish, but I didn't know that you build sets!

  2. I don't like travelling for work either! And I dislike even more, being stuck at home when Tim has to travel for work. I hope your week goes OK!

  3. You're right, toes in Maine sand is perfect. That's one of the big reasons I moved back here. Being away from the Maine beaches was one of the hardest parts about living in the Bronx.

    I don't mind traveling for work, I actually kind of enjoy it. I love seeing new places and having someone else pay for it! :)

  4. travel to the inland empire does not count as travel. it counts as hell.

  5. I wish I traveled for work. At least I think I'd like it.. but better yet.... the grass always seems greener. Seems I only get away a couple of times a year for vacations... Have fun! (if possible)