May 4, 2012

workin' my way back to you, babe.

I'm heading home later today and whew! what a week it's been. but doesn't friday just have a way of making everything ok?? it does for this gal and item number one on my list is...

dear hank, 
i'm going to need to kiss you. 
a lot. 
get ready, cowboy. 
love, bitty 


I've also been thinking a lot about how being pregnant is shaping my life these days. It's something that creeps up on you. So much is happening but at the same time, it's difficult to take into account during your daily routine. I forget often that I should take it easy. This week has proved an especially poignant reminder that I need to slow my roll. And my roll is pretty slow to begin with.

When your mind and energy is running at normal speed, it's not until your back hurts at 1pm that you think...oh, can i not traipse up and down these stairs all day? can i not lift this table or bend over to pick up this trash repeatedly?

And then you sit down or take a deep breath or raise your arm above your head to "make room". You might feel silly doing this, weak even. You may feel guilty because those around you are working harder, faster, longer.

But I've been having a little pep talk with myself tonight.
And myself says: Ohhh no you don't! This is an important thing you're doing and you take all the breaks and deep breaths you need. Not a drop of guilt, my love. Not a one.


So that's my goal starting now. Not feeling guilty for taking some extra time for the bunny and me. Because I have an inkling these are some of my last days to enjoy some slow motion, selfish solitude. 

But hey, ain't no thang. 

Happy Weekend lovies! 


  1. Vic, you're going to think I'm crazy...always having my eyes on maternity clothes and I'm not the pregnant one. I saw the cutest dress ever on rockstar diaries and she got it here. (
    Have you seen their dresses? You would look amaze in each one! Love you. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend with your boys. Wait til' bunny is here and you can call Hank and bunny that all the time, "My boys" I love it!