May 15, 2012

two things.

Yes, this song is everywhere right now but I only just saw this cover over the weekend.
Have you seen this? Have you not?
Do tell.

Some kind of amazing, yes? 
As a direct result of this video, you can find me singing this song in my car, on repeat, every day. 


If you haven't heard of this book, you were me a few weeks ago. If you haven't read this book, you're a lucky duck because, um, I have close to nothing positive to say about it. It's one redeeming quality, the first few sex scenes and that's just because sex is plain ol' interesting. But keep replaying the same scene over and over and even S&M rituals seem mundane and ordinary. 

Inner goddesses everywhere are appalled by my reaction. gasp!


p.s. after finishing this book, i immediately downloaded and started reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and at a mere 7%, I'm already recovering from the above. It feels great.  


  1. Yeah I've heard 50 Shades is pretty awful. Amazing how terrible writing hits the NYT Bestseller list because, *gasp*, it's raunchy.

  2. I read the whole Fifty Shades trilogy... definitely wasn't my favorite piece of literature, but I was hooked, so I guess that's saying something, haha. to the author's credit, books 2 & 3 had more plot than the first. however, the whole inner goddess, "oh my", "I'm going to fuck you now," "laters, baby" repetition drove me nuts. I was just in it for the sex.

  3. I totally agree on the Fifty Shades. I wanted to punch that inner goddess in the face! Besides the fact I'm a total prude and the whole time I was reading it, I was glancing over my shoulder, embarrassed at the content. Haha!

  4. Great song! Haven't read that book but it sounds like I'm not missing anything! Trying to get through Catching Fire right now...

  5. I almost want to read it to see how bad it is! It is really hard for me to get through horrible books though...

  6. I didn't even get half way through the awful! I love the song though, especially the girls version!!!! Best breakup song ever....

  7. Really? You didn't like the book?? I have been so intrigued to read it bc of all the hype!!

    Hmm... me thinks I should rethink it now.

  8. I feel the same way about the doesn't really interest me at all.

    Thanks for sharing that song! I loved it!

  9. that video is amazing! And good choice on extremely loud and incredibly close i loved that book.

  10. I totally agree with you, Fifty Shades of Grey is so repetitive. at first I was intrigued but now I'm just annoyed.

    The cover song is church actually did I cover like thing of "somebody I used to know" a couple weeks ago.

    oh, forgot the mention that I'm your newest follower :)