May 18, 2012

Ramble on, rambler.

Sometimes on Friday I like to ramble.

Do ya feel me on that?

It's Friday and we're so close to the weekend that I can hardly contain myself! This causes my brain to reel off into many directions and unfortunately for the people around me, and for you, I like to verbally express said thoughts.

Hank turns 30 on Sunday. I feel like his turning 30 is a bigger milestone than when it happened to me. Not sure why I feel this way other than he's a guy and guys mature a teeeensy bit slower than us gals yet here he is, a husband, about to be a father, living in a state he didn't grow up in and providing for his growing family like a champ. It makes me cry to think about. He's so wonderful and kind and fun and...well, entirely sexy to boot. I love him more than I can say/type. Happy Birthday Hanklin!

Also, I like to wear red lipstick on Fridays. It's like a party on my face. [that's what she said?] And people's eyes always widen when they see me.

"ohhhh, lipstick, huh?", is what they're thinking but they usually say something along the lines of, "well, hello there!"

proof! like the movie.
have you guys seen that movie!? gwyneth is cray! 

I enjoy moments when people are transparent. I kinda, sorta wish our real thoughts were displayed across our foreheads, all the time. God, how much easier life would be. And since it's the norm, no one would take things personally and we'd all be happy and free! Weeee!

Ok, that's enough rambling for today.

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As a bribe, I offer this musical snack for your Friday enjoyment because shit, I'd buy this track. And I think you would to. LMFAO as music, who knew?



  1. Hahah I too put on red lipstick today.. really it because I was too lazy to put eye.. liner or mascara.. “lets distract them with a Red pucker”!!
    Happy birthday to the hubs.. I would say awesome 30th .. this is the year he will become a father.. kick ass if you ask me!!

  2. I love wearing red lipstick for no reason in particular. Happy birthday to Hank!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mans!

    I like red lipstick all days. Maybe I should come up with a Friday color? Because I really like the idea of setting Friday apart, you know, with a face party and obviously rambling.

  4. Lol that guy was NOT sexy until he started singing!! His voice is so good and that was a crazy arrangement of that song!!

  5. Wigglewigglewigglewigglewgglwgglwgl, yeah.

  6. God you are so cute. I am so glad you found me on twitter so I could find you here. I can't wait to turn 30 because it's my Golden Birthday, and I have every intention on partying like it's 1999. Or 2013. Or my 30th. Either way it better be epic, ha ha ha.

  7. Love'd that guys rendition of the song! So good!
    Happy 30th B-day to the Hankster!!