May 7, 2012

preg belly monday: 22 weeks

this week was a big week for the belly. when i came home from my work week away, hank's first words to me were:

"woah, you're like, pregnant."

i took it as a compliment (as only pregnant ladies can) and then sat down next to him and let him rub my rock hard abs. staring commenced and then we laughed because damn, this is getting real.

in fact, hank is just this second taking his hand off the belly. we're having a serious kicking storm over here. it's probably because we're watching hockey or maybe it's because i'm starving. star. ving.

i should eat...

ok, pb&j in my belly.
feelin' good.

i had my first prenatal massage this past weekend and it was glorious. the pillows they used, the serious leg and back pressure, the laying on my side but not feeling pain in my ribs, all of it was glorious. i'm thinking it will not be my last one during this pregnancy. the spa we (mom, sister and i) visited had multiple pools and mineral baths. it was so nice laying out in the sun and chatting it up with them. it marked my second weekend in the sun and this coming weekend will be my third in a row!

the ladybirds and i are going to palm springs this weekend! hot damn (and weather, might i add) am i excited. we rented a house with a private, secluded pool. i see lots of lounging, laughing and sunshine in my future.
photos to come. photos to come.

i gotta say, i'm enjoying walking around in my bikini these days. with a bigger belly, comes a new found freedom, to rock it and not give two shits about what you look like because hey! i'm not fat, i'm pregnant. the pull in the front is working little wonders on any extra back stuffing i might have grown in the past few 15 years. i'm feeling quite stretched and tight.

again, photos to come.

ok, let's get statistical, statistical.
i wanna get statisticaaaaal.
let's get into tistical. testical?

up 13 pounds! 
ok, so seriously, how does that happen? 3lbs in one week? one. week. 
blame the baby. 

it's hard man. 
my pillow is saving me but i still wake up with a sore back and i toss and turn all the night long. 
i am indiana jones, on the quest for the holy grail: the perfect sleeping position.
which usually ends up being something between on my back and on my side. 
my bide, if you will. 

digestion is still my enemy. 
rib pain galore. slow and steady is my course. 
i also really like dessert. and chips with guac. 
and no, my food choices have nothing to do with my digestive probs, k. 

i bought some really great, non-preg dresses and thangs at h&m today. 
so it's dresses, leggings and sports bras. 

bunny clothing has been on the rise lately too. 
thanks to gigi for not being able to control herself at gymboree this past weekend. 
holler at your gigi, boy. 

and that's all she wrote for this week. 
clocking in at 10:23pm on a monday! phew, made it. 



  1. eeeeeek you look amazing! Your bump is so cute!!!!! Palm Springs will be so fun too I love it there. Soak in some rays <3

  2. so what you are saying is i need to get knocked up and grow a belly before june so i can rock my bikini with confidence this summer. shit!

  3. Dresses, leggings, and sports bras? That sounds like something I can do! lol! I definitely want to get prenatal massages when I am pregnant. My friends say that they work wonders. Glad you enjoyed yours!

  4. you should swing by DC so I can rub on that bellay. kthx.

  5. hahaha back stuffing! i was just pointing out to my husband yesterday how my back fat has disappeared and i'm feeling quite happy about it!

    aaaaand i plan on living these next 7 weeks (give or take) pretending it has been banished forever and will not return :)

  6. I was wondering what to do with the shirts I couldn't button up anymore--- such great style inspiration! Ah and I hope the sleeping gets easier, I'm just entering the difficult stage... everyone tells me to get a pizza wedge pillow for my belly, I haven't tried so I have not input, but maybe you ought to look into them?

  7. You look so cute! I'm loving your outfit.

  8. You so prettaaayy...(said in Korean accent, for obvious reasons).

    Miss you!