May 14, 2012

pbm! 23 weeks in palm springs

Oh hello!

It's another pregnant belly Monday and my, my, don't these weeks just keep flying by! We are now at 23 weeks and 3 days...or somewhere around there. This bunny boy has been moving, swimming, tumbling, all of it. Today, I could have sworn he specifically reacted each time I said, in my best southern accent, "baked beans!" Orrr maybe he just didn't like that I had eaten some a few minutes earlier?

Either way, it's becoming rather fun to feel how big he's getting. His movements are big enough to actually tickle me now. So if you thought I laughed a lot before, you were mistaken, because now my laughs seem entirely unprompted. Impromptu laughing. Yep, that's me now, leaving faucets on and laughing at nothing, by myself.

And I'm guessing this is just the beginning.

OK, quick stat party before my palm springs precis.

14 lbs. up.
And if you want real numbers, you're in luck. Ain't no shame!
In January, post irreverent holiday debauchery, I was at 136. 
So yep, now I squint down at the number 150. 
...and then I make a sad face and mope around the bathroom. 

Once I find the right spot, I'm golden. 
But the amount of tossing and turning to get there is ridiculous. 

Stellar. (see above weight)
Though, I did discover that I no longer like the Korean tacos from CPK. 
I used to enjoy them quite a bit. 
Food surprises like this amaze me. They're just so random, so baffling. 

1. Wearing my IRL pants and shorts unbuttoned can be both fabulous and hazardous. Zippers are not friendly after 2 hours. 
2. I no longer feel the need to wear underwear all the time. 
At last, I'm a hippie! 


Allow me to introduce you to my Palm Springs crew. 

carriepop, darpop, kellypop, vickipop, jamiepop, rickipop
if you look at the word pop enough times, it looks like poop, obvi.

We love fun pops. What are fun pops? They're Wal-Mart's version of the Otter Pop, clearly. And let me just say thanks to ol' Wally for including the coconut flavor. I tell you, it was like sucking on a Pina Colada by the pool, happily in denial.

MMmm, MmmMm, good.

This weekend was glorious. Sun, sun and more sun make for a very tan and relaxing time. Spending 9 hours in the pool is a good way to spend any Saturday and when it's with ladies who make you laugh so hard that tears are running down your face, it's beyond awesome.

We rented a house and only left once to have one true Palm Springs meal. And even though our meal was great and the downtown sales were impressive, we could only think about getting back to enjoy our private oasis. It's honestly, the best way to spend quality time with your friends.

Thanks to each of you, for making it so. damn. fun.

I love yous guys.



  1. What an awesome weekend! Very jealous!

  2. Looks like you have a blast! Loving your hat and shirt! Don't be mad at the are rocking that baby bump!!

  3. So much fun and sun, I miss it already!