May 22, 2012

and the week goes on

so, it's tuesday. one day down until memorial day weekend and a 4 day work week to follow. have i mentioned how MUCH i live for weekends?! time away from the office is pure happy time, even if i'm whining about back pain, watching way too much reality tv and even, possibly, probably, crying.

i cried a lot last night and because pregnancy hormones are shacking up inside this body without warning, i never quite know why i'm so upset. i'm blaming last night's meltdown on monday, hunger, an enormous belly and maybe even constipation. though, i'm only guessing on the poo lock-out because it's something i'm unfamiliar with but from what people say about it, it sounds tear inducing enough so we'll go with it. 

tonight is my first night of hypnobirthing classes. i'm feeling very optimistic about what we'll learn and take with us into the unknown birthing party ahead. bunny boy is a little mexican jumping bean today so i'll take that to mean he's excited as well. maybe he will make little sonar friends during class. womb babies dancing and twirling as they talk to each other through their momma's bellies, exchanging stories on what their mom eats and drinks, what they've heard their parents saying, what they think the world will be like...

i took the above photo last night, in my pajamas, complete with night shadows. 25 weeks-ish.


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  1. let me be the first to tell you that I have shed many tears due to constipation and constipation alone. it is MISERABLE. I want my regular digestive system back!

    good luck at class tonight! learn ya some tricks!