May 31, 2012

the people want boobs and toys from the 80's

i know this to be true because here are my most popular search keywords from yesterday and i'm telling you, they rarely ever change.

people also like to see pregnant bellies which is great news for me because i've got one. and i've got a camera. like you didn't already know this.

ok, so boobs. let's discuss for a minute.

what's the deal with berlin and boobs? is germany known for large breasted females? am i totally out of the loop on this one? i like how berlin boobs come in two sizes: big and huge. i've never even been to berlin and am fairly certain i haven't mentioned it ever so how i come up on this search is beyond me. i'd also like to point out that there were 2 separate people who searched for my big boobs in quotations yesterday. that is serious. when you are putting shit in quotations, you want very specific results. i'm glad 2 of you found your way here to see my big boobs. you're welcome. sorry they weren't naked.

so toys from the 80's are still interesting. duh.

the 80's were a good time and it is most definitely due in part to having brought us the magic of popples  (they carry their house around on their ass!! effing genius.) and big wheels. and if you were a little girl and your big wheel had cabbages for tires and a cabbage patch doll sticker for a license plate, you were basically the happiest kid on the block. i know because i was that girl. my sister can vouch for this too. we shared the big wheel because we were poor and that's what poor kids do. they share toys and even, gasp!, bedrooms.

elisa, tickle my back while i fall asleep, please!!!

my search results have prompted me to write more commentary on kelly clarkson and beach cruisers too. speaking of beached kelly clarksons....

i caught some of the new show Duets this evening and i'm sorry, but is kelly clarkson a little person? i think she's a great singer and all but she has a mild case of t-rex arms. which is totally ok but if i were her, i'd fire my stylist for making me wear a dress that exacerbates that fact about me. i was also watching bits of Don't be tardy for the Wedding, which I just have no words for but it seemed like Kim's hairdresser is also a little person. go figure.

speaking of little people, did you know i'm only 5'2"?

happy friday, my pretties!

may belly

this was me, in may. 
me and the bunny belly. 

we spent every day together, getting bigger and stronger. 
some days felt large and some days seemed smaller. 
some mornings were easy while others were harder. 

and here we are, taking pictures and documenting the whole damn thing, for what it's worth. 


May 30, 2012

giving in because some days kinda suck

#1. Nothing makes me quite as happy as McDonald's french fries. 
#2. This photo is a ploy because I'm about to indulge in a big pity! 

So this is how I'm feeling today. Some days, you can't help the way you feel; others you can force it away and see the lighter side of things. But I've given into the storm and I'll wallow in it today because it's what feels best.

I want my baby here, now.
I'm ready and waiting.

I've never been one for patience and this is a hard, hard lesson in exactly that. And if I can't have what I want now, at least give me the space to just sit and stare at my moving belly. I want hours and hours of quiet to talk to him and sing to him and just be. Reality is a little too harsh for me today. The reality that instead I go to an office and do things that make no impact on my life other than to distract me from what's important. I don't like distractions.

money shmoney.


We're learning to change our perception of pain in HypnoBirthing class. Instead of pain, we feel sensations. We don’t use the word pain. What are these sensations?


I'm feeling a lot of sensations in my pelvic bone - well, what I believe to be my pelvic bone. It's a sharp, stabbing feeling and walking is not easy. Moving is not easy either. There are better days when I think it's gone but then the next day comes and it's back again. I told my doctor and she dismissively replied, saying something about how it's just a part of pregnancy. I don't like being dismissed.


We're looking to move again. We really like our house and our neighborhood but we need more space. Searching for a new house can be exciting at first but after a while, becomes more exhausting than anything else.  And I mean, cragislist, is this the best we can do nowadays? If it's not a scam, it's a misleading bunch of images. We've seen three houses so far and all appeared to be built by the dude from Alice in Wonderland. Ya know, the one that built a house just to have a place to eat all the little oysters. In a word: unsafe. Or maybe: ugly. I don't like fruitless searches.

So here's to tomorrow. And to sunnier dispositions.

HypnoBirthing also says Bunny can feel my moods and emotions now. Sorry kid. 


May 25, 2012

call your girlfriend

yes, you may have seen this before. 
but that doesn't mean it isn't damn awesome for a friday afternoon. 

amiright or amiright?

friday fancies

just some dandies i found here the other day.
and possibly here.  

happy friday!

May 24, 2012

too tutu to quit

have you all seen or heard about this guy? if you were watching the today show this morning whilst brushing your hair and eating a bowl of cereal, like i was, you may have caught the story.

i love when people go all offtheirrockerlivelifetothefullest like this, especially when it's for love. 

this dude takes photos of himself in a tutu all around the world just to make his wife smile. his wife has breast cancer and it's getting worse. he does this all just for her. and now they're sharing the images with others in hospitals and luckily, with us! i just signed up for the newsletter so i can buy the book when it comes out. because i like to smile too. 

plus, i love tutus. 


May 23, 2012

last day calling. update: winner announced!

Elisa, I'll send your email address off and they'll be in touch soon. 

Thanks to everyone for entering!

just wanted to show off some of the lovely things you can purchase with the $50 gift card to this shop that you're going to win because you entered on the last day to! 

i'm picking someone at 5pm california time. 

go ahead, get your panties in a bunch and run around the room screaming in excited anticipation. 


May 22, 2012

and the week goes on

so, it's tuesday. one day down until memorial day weekend and a 4 day work week to follow. have i mentioned how MUCH i live for weekends?! time away from the office is pure happy time, even if i'm whining about back pain, watching way too much reality tv and even, possibly, probably, crying.

i cried a lot last night and because pregnancy hormones are shacking up inside this body without warning, i never quite know why i'm so upset. i'm blaming last night's meltdown on monday, hunger, an enormous belly and maybe even constipation. though, i'm only guessing on the poo lock-out because it's something i'm unfamiliar with but from what people say about it, it sounds tear inducing enough so we'll go with it. 

tonight is my first night of hypnobirthing classes. i'm feeling very optimistic about what we'll learn and take with us into the unknown birthing party ahead. bunny boy is a little mexican jumping bean today so i'll take that to mean he's excited as well. maybe he will make little sonar friends during class. womb babies dancing and twirling as they talk to each other through their momma's bellies, exchanging stories on what their mom eats and drinks, what they've heard their parents saying, what they think the world will be like...

i took the above photo last night, in my pajamas, complete with night shadows. 25 weeks-ish.


May 21, 2012

PregBellyMonday: 24 Weeks!

 Not many words for this week. Only to say that I feel a lot bigger. A lot. I'm having a hard time believing that things will continue to grow and stretch and expand. Terrifies me slightly and I'm just trying not to think about it. I think I'm going to stop weighing myself. And I'll stop including it here because even though pregnancy is not my favorite thing in the world, it is something extraordinary and us ladies shouldn't obsess over it like we do, pregnant or not. If we feel well, all is well. So that's my new goal: feelin' fine. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Also, that top used to be a dress. That is all. 


May 18, 2012

Ramble on, rambler.

Sometimes on Friday I like to ramble.

Do ya feel me on that?

It's Friday and we're so close to the weekend that I can hardly contain myself! This causes my brain to reel off into many directions and unfortunately for the people around me, and for you, I like to verbally express said thoughts.

Hank turns 30 on Sunday. I feel like his turning 30 is a bigger milestone than when it happened to me. Not sure why I feel this way other than he's a guy and guys mature a teeeensy bit slower than us gals yet here he is, a husband, about to be a father, living in a state he didn't grow up in and providing for his growing family like a champ. It makes me cry to think about. He's so wonderful and kind and fun and...well, entirely sexy to boot. I love him more than I can say/type. Happy Birthday Hanklin!

Also, I like to wear red lipstick on Fridays. It's like a party on my face. [that's what she said?] And people's eyes always widen when they see me.

"ohhhh, lipstick, huh?", is what they're thinking but they usually say something along the lines of, "well, hello there!"

proof! like the movie.
have you guys seen that movie!? gwyneth is cray! 

I enjoy moments when people are transparent. I kinda, sorta wish our real thoughts were displayed across our foreheads, all the time. God, how much easier life would be. And since it's the norm, no one would take things personally and we'd all be happy and free! Weeee!

Ok, that's enough rambling for today.

Make sure you've entered for the giveaway below! If you haven't checked out Lisa Leonard's website, do it because it will entice you to want more, for freeeeee.

As a bribe, I offer this musical snack for your Friday enjoyment because shit, I'd buy this track. And I think you would to. LMFAO as music, who knew?


May 16, 2012

Bunny Name Reveal and a GIVEAWAY!

Yes, you read that right.
And I cannot wait to share Bunny's name with you!

I had a great opportunity to combine the name reveal with a giveaway when Lisa Leonard Designs approached me, offering a $50 gift certificate to one lucky reader. That's $50! Fifty bones to buy whatever you want from their shop! It's like Supermarket Sweep but without a cart or a time limit or that pesky coffee bean grinder to slow you down!

So to paint the picture of how many things we currently have on hand for this little guy, let me just say that aside from the two items we purchased in Italy, we haven't acquired anything, at least of our own doing.

Hank did buy this onesie:

Oh, this kid will learn to love jam bands like his dad or at least learn to love some songs like his mom. 

And I haven't purchased anything as of yet, so to be able to pick out something personalized as my first Bunny item was pretty neat. And if I do say so myself, I chose rather wisely because I love it!

Behold the tiny squares necklace.

A few things to point out...1. LOVE the packaging and 2. Yes, that's two days of wearing it since I got it two days ago. What can I say, it's my perfect new necklace.

Ok, so are you curious about the name? Well, here's one square revealed.

You knew it would be Hank. Dang, I love that guy.

[edit] Hank is my husband's name and so I ordered a necklace with both names  - one my for current love and one for our newest love to be. We're not 100% on River's middle name yet. Stay tuned.

Also, can I just say that I love lowercase letters for names? Clearly, if you've read enough of my posts, you know I am no stickler for sentence case. I've always signed my name with all lowers and seeing this trend pop up everywhere is kinda validating and exciting - like yeeeeh, I'm trendy now! No one can laugh at me or point out my mistakes because hey man, it's coooool.

Ok, ok, fine.

Bunny's name shall be, in all it's fine pewter glory...

It's River! wait, it's river! (lowercase)

Like, ya know, a river!
Body of water, going with the flow, strong, beautiful, etcetera, etcetera!

Aw, so precious. Dad-to-be's hand holding son-to-be's name square!
Awwww, Ooooooh, Awwww.

Ok, so how do you get your hands on one too??!! Enter below to win a $50 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs good towards any item that your heart desires.

* the only mandatory entry requires that you follow this blog via GFC.
* up to 4 additional entries by tweeting, facebooking (it's a word) or blogging about this giveaway! and even one for IG followin'! oh, the ways to win, boundless I tell ya. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's it! 
Easier than deciding what to have for lunch! 
Easier than putting the clean dishes away! 

I aim to please, folks. 
(oh god, was that just a fifty shades of grey relapse quote?!?! ahhhh! they got me! i've been gotten!)

Giveaway ends next Wednesday so get on it.
Good luck!!

...and I love you.


May 15, 2012

two things.

Yes, this song is everywhere right now but I only just saw this cover over the weekend.
Have you seen this? Have you not?
Do tell.

Some kind of amazing, yes? 
As a direct result of this video, you can find me singing this song in my car, on repeat, every day. 


If you haven't heard of this book, you were me a few weeks ago. If you haven't read this book, you're a lucky duck because, um, I have close to nothing positive to say about it. It's one redeeming quality, the first few sex scenes and that's just because sex is plain ol' interesting. But keep replaying the same scene over and over and even S&M rituals seem mundane and ordinary. 

Inner goddesses everywhere are appalled by my reaction. gasp!


p.s. after finishing this book, i immediately downloaded and started reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and at a mere 7%, I'm already recovering from the above. It feels great.  

May 14, 2012

pbm! 23 weeks in palm springs

Oh hello!

It's another pregnant belly Monday and my, my, don't these weeks just keep flying by! We are now at 23 weeks and 3 days...or somewhere around there. This bunny boy has been moving, swimming, tumbling, all of it. Today, I could have sworn he specifically reacted each time I said, in my best southern accent, "baked beans!" Orrr maybe he just didn't like that I had eaten some a few minutes earlier?

Either way, it's becoming rather fun to feel how big he's getting. His movements are big enough to actually tickle me now. So if you thought I laughed a lot before, you were mistaken, because now my laughs seem entirely unprompted. Impromptu laughing. Yep, that's me now, leaving faucets on and laughing at nothing, by myself.

And I'm guessing this is just the beginning.

OK, quick stat party before my palm springs precis.

14 lbs. up.
And if you want real numbers, you're in luck. Ain't no shame!
In January, post irreverent holiday debauchery, I was at 136. 
So yep, now I squint down at the number 150. 
...and then I make a sad face and mope around the bathroom. 

Once I find the right spot, I'm golden. 
But the amount of tossing and turning to get there is ridiculous. 

Stellar. (see above weight)
Though, I did discover that I no longer like the Korean tacos from CPK. 
I used to enjoy them quite a bit. 
Food surprises like this amaze me. They're just so random, so baffling. 

1. Wearing my IRL pants and shorts unbuttoned can be both fabulous and hazardous. Zippers are not friendly after 2 hours. 
2. I no longer feel the need to wear underwear all the time. 
At last, I'm a hippie! 


Allow me to introduce you to my Palm Springs crew. 

carriepop, darpop, kellypop, vickipop, jamiepop, rickipop
if you look at the word pop enough times, it looks like poop, obvi.

We love fun pops. What are fun pops? They're Wal-Mart's version of the Otter Pop, clearly. And let me just say thanks to ol' Wally for including the coconut flavor. I tell you, it was like sucking on a Pina Colada by the pool, happily in denial.

MMmm, MmmMm, good.

This weekend was glorious. Sun, sun and more sun make for a very tan and relaxing time. Spending 9 hours in the pool is a good way to spend any Saturday and when it's with ladies who make you laugh so hard that tears are running down your face, it's beyond awesome.

We rented a house and only left once to have one true Palm Springs meal. And even though our meal was great and the downtown sales were impressive, we could only think about getting back to enjoy our private oasis. It's honestly, the best way to spend quality time with your friends.

Thanks to each of you, for making it so. damn. fun.

I love yous guys.


May 11, 2012

Hi Mom! and I've lost..I mean, I'm losing it.

dress: h&m; jean jacket coolness: dkny, circa 2001, watch: marc jacobs

Mother's Day weekend is upon us. And fortunately for my mom, I'll be out of town. Don't fret folks, we spent last weekend together - all the weekend, truth be told. And I bought her a bomb-ass brunch party with family. After she had already bought me a spa day complete with mineral hot springs but I ask you, isn't that what moms love to do? They feel the need to give and nurture. And mom, I'd like to say thank you and you're welcome.

I love you. A lot. Like, big time. Huge time.


In other slightly related mom [to-be] news, I think I had my first noticeable (right, friends?) pregnant brain fart this morning! [pat. on. the. back.] I took a shower, something I don't do every day, let's face it, but because I'm off to Palm Springs this weekend and since pool lounging totally qualifies as some exotic version of a shower, I thought it best to have at least IRL showered within the last 3 days come Sunday. So I'm in there, washin' up, takin' my time, trying desperately to shave any nether-regions that I can still partially see, 1. because I'm going in a pool, duh and 2. I'm delaying the inevitable wax fest in my future - that woman will definitely have better sight and dexterity than I will in the coming months and the thought of my poor son being born through a forest is just, well, terrifying.

So I finish up my shower party and turn off the water but I still hear something. Quoi?, I think to myself. Maybe I say it to myself. Naturally, I should think to turn the bath faucet back on...wait....and then off again. But still, the sound persisted. I step out and dry myself off. I peer outside. Is there a busted pipe in my backyard? Are my neighbors washing their patio off with a steady hose? No, all clear out there. But I really should pick up the dog poop soon.

Turning around to face the sink, I see it. I've left the sink faucet on. Have I ever done that before? No. Why was it on before I stepped into the shower? Because silly, I had to wash the Nair off my hands. Why did I have Nair on my hands? I bought some Nair for the Shower stuff about a century ago and found it the other day when I was cleaning the bathroom cabinet out. I also found about 25 barely used shampoos and conditioners, though I didn't keep any, knowing that I hadn't enjoyed the way they approached my precious hair, but of course, I didn't throw that old ass Nair away. The instructions instructed that I apply it before getting into the shower, on dry skin. So I did, but the smell, oh the smell! I'll never know if it still works because I immediately wiped it off and yes, threw it in the trash.

So, yes, I had to wash my hands. Amazed, appalled, and relieved, I turn the water off and you'll never believe this but I STILL hear something. Ok, so now I know I'm crazy. Crazy Water Lady. I'm naked, hairless, and dry, walking out of the bathroom to the only other place I know I should go and there it fucking is. The kitchen sink water is running. It's running! The water is running.

Why is it running you might wonder. Well, I'll tell you. I had a bowl of cereal before I showered today. I had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and thought, like a good roommate, I should wash my dish when I'm done. And I did, I washed my bowl and spoon AND the bowl and spoon from yesterday morning but did I think to turn off the water? No, no, I did not.

So, there you have it. The case of the running water and the crazy pregnant lady, solved.

I'm spent and ready to lounge by a pool.
Is it 2pm yet?

Happy weekend to you gorgeous people!


May 10, 2012

Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.

Someone once said: 

What I've come to realize is that for loving, same-sex couples, the denial of marriage equality means that, in their eyes and the eyes of their children, they are still considered less than full citizens.

Even at my own dinner table, when I look at Sasha and Malia, who have friends whose parents are same-sex couples, I know it wouldn't dawn on them that their friends' parents should be treated differently.

So I decided it was time to affirm my personal belief that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.

I respect the beliefs of others, and the right of religious institutions to act in accordance with their own doctrines. But I believe that in the eyes of the law, all Americans should be treated equally. And where states enact same-sex marriage, no federal act should invalidate them.

that someone was our president.
and isn't it about time? 

when the 2008 elections were going on and this issue came up, i distinctly remember obama making a very diplomatic statement about supporting civil unions over gay marriage. my first thought was that he had to say that to win and all along i've hoped i was correct, that when the time came, he would announce his support of gay marriage. 

finally, that time is here. he's come out of the closet. 
reading and watching his recent interviews on this declaration made me cry. a happy, happy cry. 

to me, marriage equality is our generation's fight. it's our opportunity to encourage progress and make a positive impact on the future. let's not waste this chance. 

"Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself." - Confucius


May 9, 2012

a bushel and a peck

this blog title has nothing to do with below content, except to say of course, that i love you all that much. 

because work is a shit storm of busy shit storms, a quick photo and a recommendation.

this me, now.

drinking coconut water because I spent $1.29 on it and not because I enjoy it. When did regular water become so obsolete? Water, I still love you.

if you haven't entered for mish's giveaway, then I ask you, what will your lashes think when they're all sad and naked? they'll say you never even gave them a chance! a leg up! and then they will fall out and shrivel up and hate you forever.

go forth and enter.

(that's what she said)


May 7, 2012

preg belly monday: 22 weeks

this week was a big week for the belly. when i came home from my work week away, hank's first words to me were:

"woah, you're like, pregnant."

i took it as a compliment (as only pregnant ladies can) and then sat down next to him and let him rub my rock hard abs. staring commenced and then we laughed because damn, this is getting real.

in fact, hank is just this second taking his hand off the belly. we're having a serious kicking storm over here. it's probably because we're watching hockey or maybe it's because i'm starving. star. ving.

i should eat...

ok, pb&j in my belly.
feelin' good.

i had my first prenatal massage this past weekend and it was glorious. the pillows they used, the serious leg and back pressure, the laying on my side but not feeling pain in my ribs, all of it was glorious. i'm thinking it will not be my last one during this pregnancy. the spa we (mom, sister and i) visited had multiple pools and mineral baths. it was so nice laying out in the sun and chatting it up with them. it marked my second weekend in the sun and this coming weekend will be my third in a row!

the ladybirds and i are going to palm springs this weekend! hot damn (and weather, might i add) am i excited. we rented a house with a private, secluded pool. i see lots of lounging, laughing and sunshine in my future.
photos to come. photos to come.

i gotta say, i'm enjoying walking around in my bikini these days. with a bigger belly, comes a new found freedom, to rock it and not give two shits about what you look like because hey! i'm not fat, i'm pregnant. the pull in the front is working little wonders on any extra back stuffing i might have grown in the past few 15 years. i'm feeling quite stretched and tight.

again, photos to come.

ok, let's get statistical, statistical.
i wanna get statisticaaaaal.
let's get into tistical. testical?

up 13 pounds! 
ok, so seriously, how does that happen? 3lbs in one week? one. week. 
blame the baby. 

it's hard man. 
my pillow is saving me but i still wake up with a sore back and i toss and turn all the night long. 
i am indiana jones, on the quest for the holy grail: the perfect sleeping position.
which usually ends up being something between on my back and on my side. 
my bide, if you will. 

digestion is still my enemy. 
rib pain galore. slow and steady is my course. 
i also really like dessert. and chips with guac. 
and no, my food choices have nothing to do with my digestive probs, k. 

i bought some really great, non-preg dresses and thangs at h&m today. 
so it's dresses, leggings and sports bras. 

bunny clothing has been on the rise lately too. 
thanks to gigi for not being able to control herself at gymboree this past weekend. 
holler at your gigi, boy. 

and that's all she wrote for this week. 
clocking in at 10:23pm on a monday! phew, made it. 


May 4, 2012

workin' my way back to you, babe.

I'm heading home later today and whew! what a week it's been. but doesn't friday just have a way of making everything ok?? it does for this gal and item number one on my list is...

dear hank, 
i'm going to need to kiss you. 
a lot. 
get ready, cowboy. 
love, bitty 


I've also been thinking a lot about how being pregnant is shaping my life these days. It's something that creeps up on you. So much is happening but at the same time, it's difficult to take into account during your daily routine. I forget often that I should take it easy. This week has proved an especially poignant reminder that I need to slow my roll. And my roll is pretty slow to begin with.

When your mind and energy is running at normal speed, it's not until your back hurts at 1pm that you think...oh, can i not traipse up and down these stairs all day? can i not lift this table or bend over to pick up this trash repeatedly?

And then you sit down or take a deep breath or raise your arm above your head to "make room". You might feel silly doing this, weak even. You may feel guilty because those around you are working harder, faster, longer.

But I've been having a little pep talk with myself tonight.
And myself says: Ohhh no you don't! This is an important thing you're doing and you take all the breaks and deep breaths you need. Not a drop of guilt, my love. Not a one.


So that's my goal starting now. Not feeling guilty for taking some extra time for the bunny and me. Because I have an inkling these are some of my last days to enjoy some slow motion, selfish solitude. 

But hey, ain't no thang. 

Happy Weekend lovies! 

May 1, 2012

welcome to my house

hello busybeelauren peeps! [high-five]

i see you!

as suspected, today's first day away from the office was brutal on le body. and le bunny. this leaves me with not much to say that isn't slightly sad and pathetic. soo, in an effort to not scare you away immediately, i will post some pretty pictures from my iphoto archives.

yay for pretty pictures!

these trees are in connecticut. 
the hank and i got hitched right next to them. 
and i'm cool with that. 

that's me, on the way to those trees. 
my sister and i have very different hands. 
i like hers better. 
i also like that she captured this photo of me, post matrimony. 
hi, you can call me mrs. henry. 

this is me with a glass of wine, 
on the beach we visit each year in kennebunk, maine. 
wine, beach and i are tight. 
real tight. 

just the hank and me. 
we're in love. he's my fave. 
all that jazz. 

and one last non-image thing...

when driving for long distances, alone, might i suggest you spend the majority of time listening to This American Life? 

that's what i did this morning and could not stop smile laughing during act 2. 
so here it is for your entertainment. 
because sharing is caring 
and ira glass is the shit. 


p.s. hotel tv sucks. why does it take so long to change the channel? 
p.p.s. i drove thru taco bell for dinner and ate my supreme taco and caramel apple empanada in bed. that didn't suck. 

workpedition. i dislike you.

good morning folks.

here i am, at 7:38 in the a.m., blogging to tell you that i hate traveling for work. i hate when hank travels for work. i hate when easton travels for work...

travel is for fun and relaxation, not business suits and hurried schedules. it's for taking in a new experience, not stressing out over getting wi-fi and scrambling to find all your notes.

alas, this week is a travel week for me.

so, after i publish this and shower and eat breakfast, i'm on my way up to the inland empire [look it up, it's not pretty] to manage 3 days of photo shoots. that's 3 days of standing and building product and rearranging shots and dealing with temps who will inevitably assemble things incorrectly. gah!

babbling, i know.

so that's what i'm doing this week. eating dinners alone in my hotel room, when what i'd really rather do is soak my toes in some maine beach sand.
and read a book.
and take a nap.