April 23, 2012

pbm. 20 weeks and we're half way there, folks!

jacket: zara | top: f21 | jeans: jbrand | watch: marc jacobs | shoes: born

Someone is getting bigger around here. 
I'm kinda, sorta liking the growth, finally! We're moving out of the "are you just fat" stage and slowly into the "how far along are you" stage. Much easier to accept, I'll tell ya. 

On our camping trip this weekend, I even got my very first inquiry from a stranger. 

"Ohhh, are you having a baby??"


"OoooOo, can I touch it?"

"Sure! Haha!"

"Awwww, a little babyyyyyy."

And after that, well, I'm kinda hooked. Bring it on, second stranger! 

My boss asks me regularly to list some positives on being pregnant. She's pregnant as well. And I think this I've found a positive for this week: being part of a special group of ladies. I'm in the club! I know it's a pretty big club but it truly is something you can't understand unless you experience it first hand. There have been so many changes and so much back and forth so far, I can't even begin to imagine what the next 20 weeks will bring but I'm ready to find out.

Bring it on, bunny bear.



  1. You look so chic! And that bump is adorable! You look great, seriously.

  2. You're gorge :) and I'm lovin' that little bump you've got goin on! Halfway there?! Ah! (except we both know bunny will be here sooner. Right?! Right.)

  3. Congrats on being halfway there, you look awesome! And welcome to the club :)

  4. You look absolutely amazing! Happy halfway!

  5. you are such a pretty mama! and i love your campin pics soooo much!

  6. New reader here! Such cute prgnancy pics:) congrats!

  7. omg, you are seriously adorable! I love the red lips!

  8. oh my gosh! you are adorable! and this is soo exciting! xo

  9. I hope I look as adorable as you do when I am pregnant!

  10. Welcome to the club Vic and it is a wonderful club to be in! Having you put me in the club and now I am going to be in a new club!!! I am SO excited!!! Love the pics, you look beautiful!