April 16, 2012

pbm: 19 weeks

19 weeks, 2 days

(though bunny measured in at 19 weeks last tuesday! my dr. simply refuses to move the due date up so i'm stuck between my due date count and his actual measurement. i don't like mismatched evidence. ho hum.)

also, these pics remind me i need to clean my mirror.
tomorrow, mirror, tomorrow.

so here i am, in my red/pink pants with the new belly band to cover my completely unzipped zipper situation. overall, it did the job but i think it should be tighter. i had to pick up my pants today, often, lest i flash some pregnant ass crack to my coworkers. and we all know no one wants to see that.

and now some instagram madness for my peeps.

belly handling on a saturday morning. 

what to wear on a saturday thrifting trip. 

the blue boy babycake that carrie made for me. 
not sure i know someone more thoughtful than she. 

thank you carrie jo. 
we heart you. 



  1. Ah, the belly band. You make it look way better than the lady in the pictures, and it is easily disguised as a simple shirt. I also love those red pants. Fun!
    I heart you guys!

  2. Um...I'd like to see some pregnant ass crack. So...

  3. such a cute outfit!! congrats on your baby :)

  4. Yay! You look so cute and so exciting about your boy! xoxo

  5. Happy to see the Belly band works! Yeah to cute pink pants! Love the cupcake Carrie! You are SO sweet! I heart you too!

  6. yay for belly bands! mine didn't last for too long and unfortunately, I am in the land of maternity clothing full time, haha. also? I want cake. nom!