April 20, 2012


We're going camping this weekend! 

That's right, my big belly, my big boobs and I are roughing it. In the woods. 
I'm hoping for more grass to rest upon, maybe with a kindle and an oreo or 20. 

And maybe if I close my eyes real tight, I'll believe that oreo is a glass of wine..or 20. 

cheerio lovelies! 

thanks mish for the photo shoot today! 


  1. That little belly of yours is too cute! And so are the outfits! Camping sounds like soo much fun.. although preggo might be very interesting! Anyways have fun!

  2. You're welcome.

    Have fun camping, yo. You, the babe, and the boobs.

    When you get back, it's crunch time. Let's get our BizNASS on the road!

  3. The boobs are huge Vic. Enjoy. Guess what, when the milk comes in, you'll hardly be able to see over those girls. Then the milk leaves and they are thin and saggy and only half the size they were before. Welcome to the party my dear. And also, have fun camping! XO

    1. this scares me. and has prompted me to do research on plastic surgeons in my area. a bit preemptive? i think not.

  4. All I see are your boobs and no baby belly.