April 6, 2012

i've been asleep for 48 hours

being sick and pregnant is not the best of times. it is the worst of times.

whenever i am sick - and i don't think i've been this sick in a while - i take as many drugs as possible until the virus has run its course. nyquil and any other knock-me-out agents are my best friends through sickness and maybe sometimes, in health. but apparently, bunny is no fan of nyquil and her besties.
typical baby things.

i thought i had a sinus infection and possibly an ear ache. i called in sick and planned to have a mellow day of resting and unpacking from italy.

by 8:30am, i was on fire. boiling, possibly.
my head, my neck, my back, my legs - everything was ablaze with a fever. and yet, i was freezing. shaking, really. my eyes were sensitive to light, my ears to any and every noise. luckily, being that out of whack causes hours and hours of sleep without any assistance.

i woke up at 1pm, texted a few people and went back to sleep. i woke up at 4pm when hank came home and started crying. what is it about having someone you love there when you're sick that makes you cry?

i told him i was sure i had scarlet fever. i was beth from little women and he had to rub my feet to bring the fever down from my head, lest i should DIE!

i told him he needed to google any possibly disease i might have picked up in italy. he went over a few symptoms:

diarrhea? no.
rash? no.
blurred vision? um, wait...no, those are just my tears. no.

well, maybe those symptoms i don't have but what if i did something wrong?! what if we go to our dr. appt next week and they say i killed bunny in italy. that i walked too much or ate too much cheese!? it's ALL my fault, i cried.

he rubbed my back and assured me that was not the case. dr. hank can be very reassuring.

but dr. hank hasn't read or seen twilight. what if bunny is no bunny but a vampire!? i'm sick and when i look in the mirror, i'm going to be rail thin and gray. my belly will be huge and i'll have to give birth in a few weeks and then i'll die! because hank isn't edward! OH MY GOD.

i must have fallen asleep again.

when i woke up, there was a glorious bowl of fresh fruit salad that dr. hank had made for me. between my crying, i had mumbled something about watermelon and butter crackers. i made a wish and it came true.

i ate that shit for two days and now i'm very close to feeling cured.

i still have a headache and my throat feels like i've been smoking for a few hundred years but since i can walk and talk and stay awake, i've managed to guilt myself back to work today.

so here i go, to the shower. i don't smell great.
i've been wearing the same thing since tuesday night. i'm pretty sure it's friday.

also, i swear i'm not avoiding talking about italy.
it's going to happen. i did go.



  1. awww :( That sounds like a few days from hell. Sorry friend, but I'm glad you're feeling a little better...And good thing you've got Hanky Poo...He seems like the perfect Doctor :)

  2. Seriously? I am so sorry to be laughing so hard at your expense but when you said you thought you killed bunny in Italy, or perhaps it was scarlet fever I actually laughed out loud. Poor delirious, sick girl :-) Feel better!!!

  3. I, too, I am sorry for laughing.

    That fruit salad looks delish, and I almost tried grabbing the fork in the bowl through the computer screen. Sigh.

  4. Nooo don’t say that!! Bunny will be just fine! Yum especially after how spoiled mommy is!
    Oh my I just catching up on all my blogs.. have you posted pictures about Italy yet?!