April 26, 2012

Good Neighbors and Today's Outfit

Whenever I can get out of the house early enough to stop in Starbucks on my way to work is a good day. I got my usual iced chai latte and because I didn't have cereal this morning (my staple), I was hungry and ordered a multi-grain bagel with shmear.

My local Starbucks is full of regulars, as I imagine a lot are, and it just so happened that one of said regulars was waiting for the same bagel with me. The ladies of SB clearly love Aaron - as his name turned out to be. They asked him how many bagels he was waiting for and he told them just the one. They hurried to bundle his order together and then gestured to hand it off to him when he says,

"She was here first. [to me] You have the same order, right?"

The lady paused for a moment and then, defeated, handed the brown bag over to me.

I smiled and thanked him.

Aaron kinda made my day.

what i'm wearing today. clearly, i'm in love with my zara jacket. and why shouldn't i be, really? 



  1. An iced chai latte is my drink, too! Glad Aaron stood up for you. =)

  2. at least there are nice Aaron's in the world! :)

  3. Yaii for People like Aaron!! So bunny got his bagel on time! Cute Jacket.. too weather this weather is all funky rain one minute sun the next!

  4. Cute outfit! It was raining here and then super warm twenty minutes later!

  5. You look gorgeous! Wish we had something like a local coffee shop here on my side of Johannesburg

  6. Love the curls girl! You're such a stylish mama-to-be!

  7. How could Aaron not be nice to such a beautiful Momma to be! Heart you!

  8. Vic, I think you need this.


    I can picture it on you showcasing that gorgeous little bump of yours. Happy weekend my friend! XO

    1. Meg! I looked too late. It's sold out!! But you are so right, i NEED that top. dangit!