April 23, 2012

camping recap: instagram steeze


i know it's monday and time for PBM and don't worry, it is coming! but instead of blogging this morning before work, i slept in. and instead of blogging at lunch, i went to costco, ate a hotdog and bought a new vacuum.

in my defense, i'm beyond excited about my new vacuum. as in, i want to leave work now so that i can vacuum my entire house. if this gives you any indication of how badly we needed it, please try not to judge me and my dusty home. thanks so much.

ok, so camping. it was glorious!
perfect weather mixed with perfect company makes for a very fabulous and relaxing weekend. i feel so entirely happy today. we went to cleveland national forest and stayed at the burnt rancheria campground. if you're in the san diego area, i highly recommend it. so easy to get to, lots of great spots to choose from and it feels like you're a world away.

things to do:

cook by lantern light
sit by the campfire
make s'mores, eat s'mores
watch for shooting stars
play card games
play cornhole. invite me and i'll bring my game set. it's super cute.
eat oreos and any other fun junk food you can bring - feel no guilt
lay in the shade and read a book
listen to birds sing
watch your dog roll around in the grass, enjoying life so, so much
take a hike. take in the views.
have great conversations with great friends
wear sunscreen. whoopsie.
sit still and smile.

this post brought to you by the camping commission on happiness.


  1. Another thing to do:
    Find a spot near flushing toilets!

    What a lovely surprise.

    1. oh yes! i forgot to mention that! they have flushing toilets, people. people!

  2. I am so jealous of your camping trip! I haven't been camping in years. It sounds like so much fun.

    I found your blog through Shades of Gray. I clicked your button because I giggled at "I do have feet."

    New follower!

  3. I have not been camping in so long! This post makes me miss it! Maybe I should check out the campground that they have at Disney this summer.

    Those smores look SO good!!

    1. wait!? they have campgrounds at disney?? i'm googling this now.

  4. Ok I am determined.. the hubs and I will deff be camping this year.. and this place looks pretty cool! Look the picture of the oreo.. yum!!

  5. I am giggling at your vacuum excitement because I can TOTALLY relate. I love a clean house and anything that makes cleaning my house easier. Your camping photos are giving me the urge to go again. We try to camp in April and September every year and I miss it so much!

  6. Ok. You've convinced me. Camping is fun. Ergo, you may invite me next time.

  7. With those photos, no doubt that you all really had a great time camping. I love camping as well. It's good to experience a new adventure while hiking along the mountain. One of the things that I always carry is my buck hoodlum. It's a great knife for survival. I also carry some repellants to keep away from insect bites. It's funny but true.