April 30, 2012

PBM! 21 Weeks, Bare Belly Steeze

we're looking quite large, are we not?
...could be the dress though, and the boobs. 

messy hair is my thing. don't hate.

And now we get real. 


Look! A tattoo! 

I feel like one of those before and after people, displaying my tattoo so you can be sure it's me in both photos. Because ya know, photoshop doesn't exist. 

So here is my 21 and some days belly.
I'm wearing my new breast friend, the sports bra. 
I don't know what took me so long to figure this out but there is nothing more comfortable than a sports bra. I'm taking to wearing them at all times now. It's making life glorious. 
And I'll take any glorious I can get. 


Up 10 pounds. 

Sleep is not very comfortable. 
Does anyone else feel like their pregnancy pillow is a death trap? Anyone?

Eating is a small and slow process.
Too much food and I'm in digestion hell later. 

Rib pain. 
If there is no foot up there, then I'm getting to know my organs real well. 
I'm not too fond of their new home. Go back from whence you came, organs! 

Leggings and Sports Bras. 

Damn, my stats are so statistical. 
Happy Monday Y'all! 


April 26, 2012

Good Neighbors and Today's Outfit

Whenever I can get out of the house early enough to stop in Starbucks on my way to work is a good day. I got my usual iced chai latte and because I didn't have cereal this morning (my staple), I was hungry and ordered a multi-grain bagel with shmear.

My local Starbucks is full of regulars, as I imagine a lot are, and it just so happened that one of said regulars was waiting for the same bagel with me. The ladies of SB clearly love Aaron - as his name turned out to be. They asked him how many bagels he was waiting for and he told them just the one. They hurried to bundle his order together and then gestured to hand it off to him when he says,

"She was here first. [to me] You have the same order, right?"

The lady paused for a moment and then, defeated, handed the brown bag over to me.

I smiled and thanked him.

Aaron kinda made my day.

what i'm wearing today. clearly, i'm in love with my zara jacket. and why shouldn't i be, really? 


April 24, 2012

fun with astrology

My friend sent me this link yesterday. 

You enter your birth date, time and location to get your detailed horoscope. It will look something like mine, above! I'm a Leo - hi! it's nice to meet you. 

Then you can click here to learn how to read it. 

Personally, I found the planets and the house cusps to be the most interesting. I especially thought my ascendent was pretty spot on. 

Sagittarius rising produces a personality that is restless, outgoing, and very independent. This Ascendant is one that produces goal oriented individuals; people with a long-range outlook and philosophical attitude. Your ambitions are geared to those long-range and large-scale goals. Simultaneously, you are apt to have a positive and optimistic outlook. You feel matters will turn out okay, no matter how large the challenge may be.

You have strong urges to cover vast distances, both physically and mentally. Usually, everything does turn out well for you. Your "Ruling" planet is Jupiter, the "great benefic." Jupiter is considered the luckiest planet in the zodiac. It produces a personality characterized by humor and a happy-go-lucky disposition. You have a need to experience life fully in a variety of ways. Open and friendly, you are usually cheerful, interested, and jovial.

One difficulty that you may have from time to time is that you to take everything and everyone for granted. You don't like dealing with pessimistic or emotional people, and you don't want the burden of dealing with their problems. You don't even like dealing with your own problems, often ignoring them with an attitude that if you don't acknowledge these situations, they will go away. There may be a fear of disappointment in your makeup that can prevent you from seeing your path to success clearly.

Although you are an excellent abstract thinker, you are also very much an outdoor person. You love nature. In this vein, you are a very spiritual person who can tune in to the higher forces in life simply by taking a walk in the woods.

You are a very direct person. Your speech can be blunt and to the point, often lacking in tact and diplomacy. Your reasoning powers are superb. To be fulfilled, you need a constant challenge and goal. If these two factors are combined in effective ways in your life, you may do much. This sign enjoys the good fortune of having thought patterns that remain young and fresh throughout life. Your outlook won't become jaded by time or turmoil

So, I'm basically an optimistic asshole who likes the outdoors? 
I'll take it! 

Anyway, if you're curious, interested, or appalled even, try it out!  But beware: 

This site has serious productivity killing properties. It was born in the west and resides in the east and is capable of derailing entire afternoons, not unlike it's distant relative in the house of the rising sun, reality tv. 


April 23, 2012

pbm. 20 weeks and we're half way there, folks!

jacket: zara | top: f21 | jeans: jbrand | watch: marc jacobs | shoes: born

Someone is getting bigger around here. 
I'm kinda, sorta liking the growth, finally! We're moving out of the "are you just fat" stage and slowly into the "how far along are you" stage. Much easier to accept, I'll tell ya. 

On our camping trip this weekend, I even got my very first inquiry from a stranger. 

"Ohhh, are you having a baby??"


"OoooOo, can I touch it?"

"Sure! Haha!"

"Awwww, a little babyyyyyy."

And after that, well, I'm kinda hooked. Bring it on, second stranger! 

My boss asks me regularly to list some positives on being pregnant. She's pregnant as well. And I think this I've found a positive for this week: being part of a special group of ladies. I'm in the club! I know it's a pretty big club but it truly is something you can't understand unless you experience it first hand. There have been so many changes and so much back and forth so far, I can't even begin to imagine what the next 20 weeks will bring but I'm ready to find out.

Bring it on, bunny bear.


camping recap: instagram steeze


i know it's monday and time for PBM and don't worry, it is coming! but instead of blogging this morning before work, i slept in. and instead of blogging at lunch, i went to costco, ate a hotdog and bought a new vacuum.

in my defense, i'm beyond excited about my new vacuum. as in, i want to leave work now so that i can vacuum my entire house. if this gives you any indication of how badly we needed it, please try not to judge me and my dusty home. thanks so much.

ok, so camping. it was glorious!
perfect weather mixed with perfect company makes for a very fabulous and relaxing weekend. i feel so entirely happy today. we went to cleveland national forest and stayed at the burnt rancheria campground. if you're in the san diego area, i highly recommend it. so easy to get to, lots of great spots to choose from and it feels like you're a world away.

things to do:

cook by lantern light
sit by the campfire
make s'mores, eat s'mores
watch for shooting stars
play card games
play cornhole. invite me and i'll bring my game set. it's super cute.
eat oreos and any other fun junk food you can bring - feel no guilt
lay in the shade and read a book
listen to birds sing
watch your dog roll around in the grass, enjoying life so, so much
take a hike. take in the views.
have great conversations with great friends
wear sunscreen. whoopsie.
sit still and smile.

this post brought to you by the camping commission on happiness.

April 20, 2012


We're going camping this weekend! 

That's right, my big belly, my big boobs and I are roughing it. In the woods. 
I'm hoping for more grass to rest upon, maybe with a kindle and an oreo or 20. 

And maybe if I close my eyes real tight, I'll believe that oreo is a glass of wine..or 20. 

cheerio lovelies! 

thanks mish for the photo shoot today! 

happy birthday to my first baby!

Today is April 20th, Easton and Bug's birthday!
They are both 3 years old today and still getting cuter by the minute.

Easton sends a happy wish to his sister Bug, all the way in Connecticut!

We love you, pups!!


April 19, 2012

bunny has a fan club already

found this on instagram the other day. 

hells yeah. 
way to go, mr. grant klein! 
whoever you are. 

also, i just realized that my 'about' page disappeared. 
that is what happens when you stay up way past your bedtime, effing around on your blog. 

how the hellsack did i delete that whole thing?!


April 17, 2012

florence flavor - get your travel on!

see that building behind us?

it's called the duomo. it's pretty famous.

it also looks like this:

or like this:

and when the sun goes down, like this:

it's a sight to see, so go and see it.

i bet it's really neat from the inside too or from the top overlooking all of this lovely city but i wouldn't know because i didn't wait in any lines or climb any claustrophobia-inducing stairs to find out.

shooot. what? i'm pregnant.

also lovely in florence is the arno river and it's pretty bridges. ponte vecchio is probably one you've heard of. the version we see today was built in 1345, according to my italian tour guide and wikipedia. that's like, super old. but it's still there! standing and waiting for you to cross and possibly purchase some very expensive jewelry on your way to the other side. yay!

we loved florence. love, love, loved.
it's much more quaint than rome and you can truly walk it all in one day. but you shouldn't because it is meant to be strolled through. stroll, go shopping, take pictures, admire art. breeeeathe it in.


and if you have the time while in florence, take a day to explore the countryside. we kept it pretty simple and took a half-day bus tour to chianti. like the wine, the most delicious, lovely wine ever. it's a favorite of ours and oh, oh, oh...bunny loved that sip (or two) of said wine in its birth place.

it's also rather gorgeous around those parts.

and when you get back from your day trip, take a nap on the grass in piazza santa maria novella.
later, grab some dinner, some gelato, find a high point in the city (this one was atop the westin hotel), take a few photos...

and kiss the one you love.


April 16, 2012

pbm: 19 weeks

19 weeks, 2 days

(though bunny measured in at 19 weeks last tuesday! my dr. simply refuses to move the due date up so i'm stuck between my due date count and his actual measurement. i don't like mismatched evidence. ho hum.)

also, these pics remind me i need to clean my mirror.
tomorrow, mirror, tomorrow.

so here i am, in my red/pink pants with the new belly band to cover my completely unzipped zipper situation. overall, it did the job but i think it should be tighter. i had to pick up my pants today, often, lest i flash some pregnant ass crack to my coworkers. and we all know no one wants to see that.

and now some instagram madness for my peeps.

belly handling on a saturday morning. 

what to wear on a saturday thrifting trip. 

the blue boy babycake that carrie made for me. 
not sure i know someone more thoughtful than she. 

thank you carrie jo. 
we heart you. 


April 13, 2012

it starts.

Surely, you've all heard of and employ the awesomeness of Gilt often. Yes? Yes?

If not, where have you been?
Like, for serious.

IRL/IPL (previous life), Gilt was my go-to only for amazing clothes, shoes, accessories and traveling whims. But now, it's that AND child things.

Clothes, shoes, accessories and potential travel whims for Bunny too!!

Case in point, I just dressed him.

All from le Gilt.

Tom and Drew duds, Boumy shoes

Tom and Drew duds, Converse Chucks - mini size! 

All I can say is that this kid is going to have to LOVE the camera...and possibly, the catwalk.

Have a lovely weekend, lovelies!


April 12, 2012

things I learned while reading mom blogs and getting probed at the dr.'s office

Do you guys read Cup of Jo?
I've been reading her blog off and on for a while now and she has a lot of great new-mommy tips (and much, much more not baby related at all). recently, she posted her pregnancy survival guide and it basically pushed me to finally purchase some things that had been on my amazon wish list for a while.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

it's like a fishing hook for my body. i'm the catch of the day! 

Countless mommy friends have recommended a full body pillow during pregnancy and as someone who is starting to experience semi-sleepless nights, it's time. to all of you out there who have trouble sleeping all the time, I have a new found empathy for you. it's torture!!! I've been spoiled my entire life with easy sleeping habits. I just want to hug you all and say: I get it, I get it now.

Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band

i fully believe this band will have me smiling like her, in my red jeans.

I have two pairs of maternity jeans. I wear one pair basically every day because it has an extra wide belly band. I have other jeans (ahem, red jeans, I'm talking to you!) that I miss dearly. I'm hoping that his magical band will allow me to wear my favorite IRL jeans throughout this pregnancy. I'll let you know how it goes! I know you're so deeply curious.

Exploiting My Baby: A Memoir of Pregnancy & Childbirth by Teresa Strasser

I devoured this book in 2 nights. This bitch is funny. I was seriously laughing out loud at her similar-to-mine observations about all the changes that come with housing a baby in your body. I'm pretty sarcastic..sardonic even, and her cynicism was just what I needed to save me from the many sweet 'I love being pregnant' stories. Though she does say she didn't have any caffeine - UM, what!?! Sorry, Teresa, but you cray-cray.


So no, though you may have painted the image of me making amazon puchases on my iphone while the nurse administered a vaginal ultrasound - I'm not that crass or coordinated. This was all in the waiting room.

But she did probe me.

Hank and I were there for our anatomy scan! The most exciting and beloved ultrasound by all pregnant ladies! It's when you get an extra long look at your little guy/gal and if you don't already know, they can usually tell you with certainty, the sex of yo' baby. We already knew this so it was just another confirmation for us.

So she's looking around, measuring all the parts, the legs, the arms, the stomach, the skull, the kidneys…the kidneys.

"I can't get an image of where the cord meets the placenta, I'll have to do a vaginal ultrasound for that. You can pee first and then we'll get started."

I have no idea what this means so I obediently do as I'm told and almost skip to the bathroom. I was in a good mood?

She does her thing, pushes bunny's head away from my placenta (um, ouch) and snaps a shot.

"Ok, great. The doctor will be in to see in a few minutes."

The doctor comes in.

"Hey there! Woah, I almost went home and then they said you were here! Whew! Good thing I didn't leave.  Heh, heh. OK, so all looks good! Oh no, wait, no, no, one thing…ohhh, wait, two things."

I swear, I was in an SNL skit. This woman, with her Native American belt buckle, cowboy button-down and wild eyes. I mean, I wanted to like her and her style but truth be told, she was making me feel a little on edge.

She told us this:

My placenta is covering the baby exit door. Only marginally but still, it's blocking it so much that if it doesn't move (and it still could) this low-risk, 30 year old pregnant gal is having a scheduled c-section.

Well, shoot. Does this mean I don't have to sign up for that Hypno-Birthing class now?

Bunny has urine in his left kidney, 'like it matters which one it is', said the cowgirl Dr.

Apparently piss in your kidneys ain't so awesome. She said it was barely over the "safe" amount so it should disappear soon.

All I kept thinking was: you can see urine on that screen!? And shit, this is really happening. I'm not in a fairytale, I'm actually pregnant with a human who may possibly have problems in life. And I'm one half of his only hope.

Well, shoot.

So, all this to say that I will be going back at 28 weeks to get it all checked out again. Will my placenta move? Will the peepee from his peepee flow in the right direction?


Only time will tell.

at least we got a blurry profile pic?
our sonographer is not a photographer.


April 9, 2012

a new pbm: let's start with 18 weeks, shall we?

PBM (Photo Booth Mondays), as you may have noticed, have become more and more delinquent lately. That's due to a mixture of laziness and being entirely obsessed with pregnancy, babies, birth stories, baby books, registries, etcetera, etcetera.

But never fear, to address both issues in one fell swoop, I have the solution!

Each Monday will henceforth (until September and potentially beyond) be known as:
It's pretty perfect. Same acronym, same day. Lovely timing for a new belly shot.

And if this last week is any indication of what's to come, bunny is growing quickly. I actually like looking back at earlier pictures when I thought nothing was happening. This morning, I wondered if in fact I was really growing or if I've always just looked this way. But a quick glance back at 12 weeks reminded me that yes, it's bunny growth, not just gelato remnants. Phew!

So get excited to watch me grow to be super huge! Oh happy day!...

In super fun news, we have our anatomy scan tomorrow! Any reason to get another ultrasound is fine with me. Oh! and I almost forgot, I felt bunny kick from the inside AND on the outside! It was today, as I was watching Bethenny Ever After in the dark after work because Hank was at his soccer game and I was too lazy to get up and turn the lights on. I felt what everyone describes as bubbles but it was a definitive baby bubble, a baby bunny bubble.

Alliteration is never not fun. 

I've felt the kicks before but I never really take the time to quietly sit and wait for them. I think sitting in the dark helped.

So that's that. A new era for PBM and a new era for me and this little guy.

I hope you enjoy! Yay for Mondays!?


rome recap - get your travel on!

We've been back from Italy for almost a week now. I think we're still recovering. The time change (especially when pregnant) takes a lot of adjustment. Add to that 5 days of illness..going on 6, fingers crossed for tomorrow betterness...and well, it's a lot.

So let's get to it!

Round 1: Roma

Our Italy planning was very light. We found cheapish tickets online, checked our calendars, rubbed my growing belly for luck, and clicked purchase! We knew only that we were flying into Rome and out of Milan. In the last week, we booked our hotel for the first night only and would wing the rest.

We flew Air Berlin and loved it! Great plane, flight attendants, food, booking - all of it, so easy. When we arrived in Rome, we bought train tickets to Roma Termini and took a cab to our hotel. Termini was super crowded and because of all the hulabaloo we read about scary, scary pick-pockets at the station, we decided to take the easy route and just take a cab from the station to our hotel.

  1. I think the hype about pick-pockets is exaggerated. I mean, yeah, don't leave your bags unattended, keep your eyes open, etc. - same rules you might follow in any airport or train station. Common sense people, don't freak out. 
  2. You can walk a lot of places in Rome but unless your hotel is in the Repubblica area, it's much easier to take a cab to your hotel. The metro isn't convenient to a lot of areas and you'll be walking a lot while in Rome so use that first trip to the hotel to take it all in. But do be prepared for a decent cab fare; traffic is a meter killer and they charge 2 euro for luggage. 

The architecture. Oh, the architecture. 
I do mean it when I say to take it all in. Trips have a way of becoming just another trip but please, please, stare at the buildings, the streets, the people, the colors. Even now, I have to remind myself of how lovely it all was. 

We didn't love or really even like our first hotel (surprising because trip advisor is usually right-on) so on our first day, while we were out and about, we found another one and booked new rooms for the next two nights. We loved this hotel! The desk clerks were so friendly and helpful. It's half apartments, half hotel rooms complete with an old, single elevator and a winding staircase. Though, I will say that if we ever go back, we'll stay somewhere closer to the center of the city - near Trevi or Spanish Steps, it was a lot of walking just to get to the mix of it all. And cobblestone streets - ouch! - are no friend to your feet. 

Places we saw and loved: Spanish Steps

We came and sat down here multiple times. People watching is fabulous here and it's right near all the great shopping Rome has to offer. There's also a metro stop right there and convenient things are our favorite things.

Next: Trevi Fountain

Day or Night, it's a fun spot. Surrounded by gelato shops and vendors and of course, tourists, it's a busy little area that just makes you smile. It kinda just shows up as you're walking, like, surprise, here i am! Kinda fun, much smaller than I envisioned but just plain lovely.

Next: Pantheon

I feel like a lot of these well-known sights sneak up on you. You're walking with your map, trying to follow the crooked streets, searching for those small stone street names on the sides of buildings and then before you know it, you look up and say: oh! i think this is it.

The Pantheon is cool more for it's piazza than anything else I think. It's super fun to eat lunch there and take your time watching everyone go by. We watched children playing in the drinking fountain. We listened to an accordion player play classic Italian tunes. We saw groups and groups of students walk by. And my personal favorite, watching the fashion. A big trend there...panty hose! Once I pointed it out to Hank, he kept asking if one girl or another was wearing them. It was such an odd thing to see. Why anyone would WANT to wear a nude pair of hose is beyond me. Also popular, sweat pants and leather jackets. Ha.

Ah, I loved seeing it all.

So yeah, the Pantheon, it's free to go inside. There are tombs. Ya know.

Next: Colosseum and Forum

Amazing. Old. Crazy.
The Forum is really, really cool. Walk through it.
And the Colosseum - well, Ben Hur is one of my favorite movies so yeah, I liked seeing it. I regret not doing the audio tour. It would have been worth it because once inside, I kinda had no idea what I was looking at. Where were the seats?! The floor?! I read all about it after but yeah, spring for the info in your ears and get your history on.

Next: The Vatican

Gorgeous. Wish you were here.
I took a million photos of the inside of St. Peter's because it was just so beautiful but they all look the same so I'll just post this one. The Vatican is super cool. Self-contained little pope town that it is, has lots of great vendors and shops too!

And if I could, I would totally give you advice on whether or not to wait to see the famous painting in the Sistine Chapel buuuut....we didn't go in. I know! Who goes ALL THE WAY to freaking Vatican City and doesn't go to the Sistine Chapel?! Us. We Hanks do not. And honestly, I have no good reason for it. We saw the very similar paintings in the basilica and when we exited, instead of asking or figuring out where the chapel was, we just followed the crowd out and back down to the piazza. And well, my feet were saying...um, no you are not going back over there after all that, missy. So, meh, I didn't. I feel OK about it though so my only sadness is not having a photo for you all to see. But I bet you can google it.

And finally: Travestere and Campo di Fiori

Travestere was Hank's favorite area of Rome. Thinking back now, it reminds me of Florence. Set right along the Tiber and a little less busy than the rest of Rome, it's sorta cozy. Campo di Fiori is a great little market with lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, and typical souvenirs. It's definitely worth a stroll through.

Overall, Rome is just rad. SO much to see that I'm sure a week or two would have been better for really experiencing it fully. But you can really see a lot in 2 full days. The food is ridiculous (though breakfast is not and as someone who loves breakfast, it was a little disappointing) and the gelato should be had as often as possible. Your feet will be sore and a good night's rest e molto importante.

Says me, the pregnant one with lots of motherly advice all of a sudden...

Ciao Roma! Grazie! Arrivederci!

Florence recap in the works. Come back to see why we like it even better than Rome! :)