March 7, 2012

two things i'm loving

i am currently rocking a kate spade case and i love it but having this beauty 
around as a second option couldn't hurt, right? 

i am in serious baby fever mode and getting all johnny5 over here.  
input, inpuuuuut! need more input! 
so then i found this handy-dandy calendar and it's my favorite by far. 
i basically just count down the days until i can read a new entry. 

week 15, get. over. here! 

oh! and here's something i'm not really loving.
and something that might even have me hoping for an "outie" in later months...?? 

i dunno, it just looks...heavy. 
but way to go, jess! 

and spoiler alert:

she's having a girl
see! now you don't have to buy this mag! 

you're welcome. 



  1. oh snap, that calendar says that sinus congestion is a common hormonal thang for knocked up chicks. well son of a bitch, I guess I'm not really sick after all.

    also, thanks for giving me yet ANOTHER calendar to look at... bringing me to a grand total of 3 weekly reminders I get to read on Tuesdays.

  2. but the real question is, what sex is your baby!?