March 12, 2012

surviving monday

three, twelve, twelve.
three, twelve, twelve.

today I am trying out a few things.

1. the reduced fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich from starbucks. I'd recommend that you don't try it. though you probably already have. it's gross, gross I say!

2. twirling my new haircut hair because I kinda, sorta hate it. wah. it's 4 inches too short and the girl put in blonde streaks that remind me of me as kelly clarkson, circa 1994.

turns out, this is actually 2003. i'm good with dates.

actually me, 2012. wtf.

they're open tomorrow, maybe I'll go in for a correction color. and maybe a reattachment of lost length?
can they do that?

3. pretending I love my job. I'm not going to lie, I think people who love their jobs and proclaim it often are  a)lying b)delusional c)delusional liars or d)possibly the luckiest people on earth. so this morning, about 1 minute before I arrived to the office, I thought: what if I preteeeend to love my job!? what if I come in and say 'good morning' to people as I pass them? what if I smile a lot and get excited about my daily tasks?! so I went for it.

so far, ive:

  • said 'hello' and 'have a nice day' to a stranger in the elevator
  • asked how my coworker's weekend was. (gasp!)
  • made a joke funny enough to make my boss laugh (pretty typical though, not gonna lie)

but I'm slowin' down folks.  it's a mere 9:26am and things are caving in…the darkness! the darkness!
it's so…dark.

wish me luck in creating some daily tasks interesting enough to get me through!

at least I have my ultrasound to look forward to!
5:15 bunny. I'm coming for ya! spread those legs, kid.



  1. hahaha!
    I'm sure your hair is just beautiful. I'm coming down in 2 minutes to see.

    And YAY for looking at bunny's genitals today!! :)

  2. The blonde is not ok, but the length will come back all healthy and lovelier than before. This is fact. ;)

  3. hahaha you asked someone how their weekend went oh my the madness!
    I feel like I wrote this post.. really only thing that keeps me sane is "working" aka reading blogs like yours :)! Have fun at your ultra sound.. exciting!!

  4. I don't even try to pretend that I love my job anymore. A waste of time sadly. BUT I do love blogging, so that helps make up for it!

  5. I WISH I could save that I love my job...BUT I can't.

    Good job at trying to be positive though!