March 15, 2012

post and products

Yesterday was a good mail day. 

etsy purchase from 2 weeks ago. I've been checking my mailbox eagerly each day in the hope of finding these beauties from this lovely shop and then, on the day that I forget about mail entirely, I found them at 7pm! waiting patiently for me.

ahhh, perfect timing. wearing these in italy will make me happy.

AND as if that wasn't enough, my birchbox came and I liked 3 things inside!
that might be a record, people.

birchbox is definitely hit or miss with me but over the months, I've come away with 4 really great products that I would have never know about otherwise. to save you the time and money of birchbox trial and error - here are my faves so far.

this stuff seriously makes my skin so smooth and even. perfect before applying foundation - WHICH i've been needing a lot of due to bunny hormone strength. 

LOVE this moisturizer. it doesn't offer full coverage but it tones down the redness a lot. and it's not oily. 
i use the bronzed color. 

this came in my box just yesterday (HA! that's what she said) 
anyyyway, it did. 
and i'm wearing it today and i'm really happy about it. it's called radiance cream and that's kinda what it's doing. 
radiant face, that's me today.
(also, birchbox's price is WAY awesomer than elsewhere, just an fyi)

and last but not least, this deliciously smelling hair shtuff. 
it makes hair super shiny and sleek and happy, vanilla smelling. 
i like it. 



  1. you are such a great salesman! i think i want to invest in some of those rings too :)

  2. Ahhhhhh- I LOVE those rings!!! Have been looking for some that skinny for a while, I'll def be checking them out, thx miss! And I adore the Porefessional as well cuz my skin's super oily, esp. in summer :P Thx for the recs doll! You know you got a follower from me, SD buddy :) Xo

  3. Cute blog! :)
    I follow you now here and on Twitter! Im glad i found another SoCal blogger! We should organize a meet up! :)

  4. DANG! You got some really great stuff. I wish I got your first three items from this month!

    *crossing fingers* for better smaples next month.

  5. oh i just signed up for birchbox! i hope i like it.