March 22, 2012

my bags are packed, i'm ready to go

it seems like so long ago that we decided to take a little trip and yet...

tomorrow morning (a la 6am flight) we fly east. 
first stop: connecticut. 

we're spending a few days with our henry family and friends there. i'm so looking forward to seeing everyone and relaxing a bit before our adventure to italy. 

then come sunday, NYC-FCO 

i just checked the weather report {i get the news i need on the weather report} and if all stays as is, we're looking at 70 degrees and sunny when we land in rome. i'll take it! 

how fabulous has this spring been?! even here in san diego, it's been unusually warm. hello global warming, i love you. (though im guessing my great-great-grandchildren might not love you as much..)

so my bags. i mentioned they were packed, yes? 
i should correct that statement and say: bag. yes, just one. and it's a small one. small enough to fit:

5 dresses, 2 jeans, 2 leggings, 12 tops, 
2 pairs of shoes, 8 pairs of socks, 
2 sweatpants, 2 sweaters, 
lots of undies and 4 pregnant boobie bras, 
1 scarf and 1 shoulder strap purse thing
oh! and my toiletries, make-up and electronic plugs and what-nots. 


all that in one little carry-on. 
oh, the joys of traveling light! 

of course, this doesn't leave too much room for souvenir shopping.
OR bunny clothes shopping! {hint: bunny clothes reveal coming to you from an italian flea market very soon!}

prepare to see me 1. in multitudes of layers on my way back or 2. rolling a 2nd small and convenient bag into the san diego airport. 

only time will tell, people. 

SO here's the scoop: I am going to blog as often as I can while on my trip. expect lots of photos. 
but the BEST way to see all the fancy things happening is via instagram

follow along! 
i promise to embarrass myself often. 

ciao bellas, ciao! 


  1. Your packing skills are impeccable. I'm pretty sure I'll need to use your services to pack me up for Korea.

    Have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  2. umm I definitely could use a packing lesson from you!...I am always getting made fun of for my oversized suitcase on every trip, no matter how long it is!...sigh.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful trip! I pack well before vacation, but never care enough to fold when returning. :)

  4. Your packing skills are blowing me away! Wow, definitely impressed. I hope you have the best time ever and I can't wait to see pics! Travel safe Xo

  5. Ok, everyone obviously was thinking the same thing: "daaaaamn guuuuurl, you know how to pack your sh*t!"

    Can't wait to see and hear about all the lovely things that happen next week!

  6. Note to self "when packing for Spain and Italy in 7 weeks, return to Vicki's blog for a pictorial of perfect packing"

  7. Enjoy your trip, it sounds amazing. I'm a new reader here, found you thru Mish Loving Life. You two are both great writers!! I felt like I knew you both just from reading a few of your posts. Anyways, I'd love it if you check out my new blog, I will definitely be following yours!


  8. I am so excited for you! You're going to fall in love with Italy. Eat as MUCH gelato as you can! OH, and pizza ;)

  9. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! great packing job! i def need you to teach me how you did that! LoL

  10. oh gosh, so very jealous that you'll be having a ball in rome! i have always wanted to travel to europe. someday ;)
    xo TJ

  11. have a fabulous time on your trip! looks like a packing job well done!!