March 13, 2012

moda italiana

shoes, all the rest

i FINALLY booked a hotel room for our first stop in ROMA! it's central-esque and i just cannot wait to get my feet on italian soil. i want to walk up and down the streets leisurely and take it all in. i'm glad i don't get too excited about things until the time is upon me because i'm telling you, one week of anticipation is going to KILL me. at least i still have enough time to go shopping for the perfect outfits! 


  1. Also, you get to eat for two... no better place in the world to do that! Very jealous of you right about now.

  2. i lovvve rome! there were entirely too many sights to see, i could have spent a month there! yayyy for you, so jealous :)

  3. Oh man you are going to have SO much fun. Major jealousy!

  4. You'll be welcome here in Italy! You should come to Milan for shopping :) have fun! divertiti!