March 16, 2012

lunch break hustlin'

two women sexy females walk into mcdonalds.
they order two big macs, fries and two drinks.
they eat them rather quickly sexily.

they decide it's best for morale to walk out with two snack size mcflurries.

they order.


"two snack size mcflurries, please"

"oh yeah, ok, what kind?"

"m&m please"

"oh, ok, cool, cool.
you from around here?"

"umm, you mean, like, linda vista?"

linda vista is a less than desirable 'hood in san diego. it also houses our nearest mcdonalds

"yeah, linda vista"

"no, we're not."

"oh, aiight. that's cool. where you from?"


"that's cool. so you like it here?"

"do we like it here? in linda vista?"

keep in mind, we are at mcdonalds. not on vacation or at a neighborhood pool or even, on a bus or train. 

"yeh, linda vista. you like it here?"

"no, nope. don’t really like it here."

"why you don't like it?"

"eh, it's not really that pretty. ya know, nothing to see."

"you 20?"

…..abrupt subject change and stellar number pickin' skills.

"uh, what?"

"you 20?"

"are we 20 years old? no. 25 and 30"

"psssshhh, you lyin'!"

"no, really, I'm 30."

"yeah, and she's pregnant too."

"your dudes black?"

"um what?"

"your dudes black?"

"do you mean, like are our boyfriends black?"

enter the girl with our mcflurries, thank holy bajeesus.

"ok, well, byyyeeee"

"oh, ok, then, cool. see ya."


and to all of this i say: uh, #wutthefuck?

mish, there is no one i would have rather have had this experience with.



  1. hahah! McDon trip, evah.

  2. ugh. unfortunately, I can sympathize with you. I work in one of the lesser attractive parts of MD, where fellas like run rampant.

  3. hahah dang HOLLA! Sounds allot more interesting than my lunch!

  4. I looooooove your stories! Seriously, both of you ladies. I think we should all move in together. Mish & I could totally help you take care of your baby. Think about it.

  5. HILARIOUS. Can't even handle this.

  6. Haha! Some people really wave that weirdo flag

    Following on twitter

  7. 1) I didn't know there were snack size mcflurries!
    2) How awkward!

  8. Bahahaha, that has to be one of the best McDonald's stories ever!

  9. OMG. One of those totally awkward and random experiences! Sheesh!

  10. Those mini mcflurries are adorable. Have they always come in that size??

    And WTF is right!! CREEPER STATUS!