March 9, 2012

let's hear it for the girls!

two nights ago, girl scouts came knocking at my door and while usually I hide from anyone on my doorstep, [because I'm in my underwear or because I just cannot be inconvenienced during my very important tv-watching schedule] I was so happy to see these gals. 1. because they were carrying two boxes of samoas with them and 2. because it's so retro and hard-working of them!

were you ever a girl scout??

because when I was, we walked door-to-door to sell cookies. we did not stand still at the grocery store entrance like the scary homeless man who calls me and anyone else walking by a fucking bitch. though, truth be told, I do kinda like him. I once tried to give him my leftover pasta from our local and delicious!! eatery and he screamed: GET AWAY FROM MY SHIT! YOU FUCKING WHORE! GET AWAY! GET AWAY! DON'T TOUCH THAT!

hahaha - oh man, even now, it cracks me up.

the other day, hank and I walked really slowly by him just to hear his rants about what we think was a woman who scorned him in the past. he was yelling at her for leaving him, that whore.

ok, sorry about that, we got waaay off track here. GIRL SCOUTS!

door-to-door cookie selling just gets me in the heart space.
eager, nervous, excited girls ringing the door bell and giggling out: "girl scout cookies!" - ah, I love it.

"yes, we'll take 2 boxes of samoas."

"ok, that will be…um, 8 dollars. they're 4 dollars a box."

"sounds good! here ya go."

"thaaaaaank you!", as they run off to their mom, giggling some more.

is there anything better??!

…ok, I might really enjoy when the ups guy comes by with another one of my amazon purchases too.  but can I eat that book, belly butter and air filter I just bought?!

no, no, I cannot.



  1. oh my fucking god. samoas are my favorite! mouth watering.

    also. what is this belly butter you speak of?

  2. So funny!!! Poor crazy scary homeless man!

    Already bought 5 boxes of GS Cookies... all gone very quickly! But yes the girls are SO cute! Brings back fun memories.

  3. This post is filled with such salty language! Hilarious.