March 6, 2012

bunny bump: week 13

13 weeks, 3 days

let's do a weekly update, shall we?

new things:
headaches. oh hi there, head pain. welcome, welcome to the party.

same things:
pimples. though if I had to guess, this week has been the WORST to date. I've never had a dermatologist on call but I'm going to find one, today. this pizza face/body disaster has got to be stopped.

sleepiness. I am still really tired. And while it's not particularly morning or night tired, it's an all-day kind of tired. the kind of tired that strikes when you've been standing too much, talking too much, thinking too much??

improved things:
nausea! this one takes the cake. it is definitely the best part of the last few weeks. there are moments when I feel like it might be coming back but overall, it's pretty much gone. take that, first trimester! yaaw! [high-kick]

bigger things:
I'm pretty sure something happened over the weekend while I was sleeping because this shit is getting bigger. shit = belly, boobs, body in general…oh, yippee.
I've gained about 3-4 lbs so far so i'm not calling the guinness book of world records just yet but just so you know, it's happening. 

potentially exciting things: 
so i went last week to have my blood drawn for a pregnancy study. all in the name of science, i say! it was easy, fun and i got paid! $250? Um, yeah, I'll take that visa card, thank you! Any ladies in the San Diego area interested and bumpin' at earlier than 13 weeks, leave me your email address and I will hook. you. up. ANYWAY, the best part about it is that I get to learn the gender! The administrator gal asked if I wanted to know and well, YES, i do. So once they test my blood, she'll send me a quick email with boy or girl results. So easy! I'm going to follow up with an ultrasound just to confirm but I am sooo excited. 

bunny, i might stop calling you bunny soon. very, very soon. 



  1. Did you really do a high-kick? I love it! :)

  2. So happy you are not feeling sick anymore! Hooray!!!! Bunny girl or boy??? can't wait!

  3. Say what?!? You'll have to tell me all about this science shizz at Five Guys. That's awesome dude. Too bad I wasn't pregnant...I could use a little shopping spree. Wait, what?

  4. They can tell from your blood whether it's a boy or girl? That is so awesome! Can't wait to find out :-)

  5. Aww the little baby bump is adorbs!! And I too am shocked I never knew they can determin the gender by blood alone?! Craziness.. exciting though!!

  6. Yay! You look so darn cute! And I have that iPhone case. Ha.

  7. eeeks, hello little bunny! I give baby Q new nicknames every week, haha. I can't wait to hear the blood results. so awesome you got to do that (and get paid for it!) so early. also, congrats on kissing morning sickness goodbye. I bet Easton is super excited about being a big brother.