March 22, 2012

my bags are packed, i'm ready to go

it seems like so long ago that we decided to take a little trip and yet...

tomorrow morning (a la 6am flight) we fly east. 
first stop: connecticut. 

we're spending a few days with our henry family and friends there. i'm so looking forward to seeing everyone and relaxing a bit before our adventure to italy. 

then come sunday, NYC-FCO 

i just checked the weather report {i get the news i need on the weather report} and if all stays as is, we're looking at 70 degrees and sunny when we land in rome. i'll take it! 

how fabulous has this spring been?! even here in san diego, it's been unusually warm. hello global warming, i love you. (though im guessing my great-great-grandchildren might not love you as much..)

so my bags. i mentioned they were packed, yes? 
i should correct that statement and say: bag. yes, just one. and it's a small one. small enough to fit:

5 dresses, 2 jeans, 2 leggings, 12 tops, 
2 pairs of shoes, 8 pairs of socks, 
2 sweatpants, 2 sweaters, 
lots of undies and 4 pregnant boobie bras, 
1 scarf and 1 shoulder strap purse thing
oh! and my toiletries, make-up and electronic plugs and what-nots. 


all that in one little carry-on. 
oh, the joys of traveling light! 

of course, this doesn't leave too much room for souvenir shopping.
OR bunny clothes shopping! {hint: bunny clothes reveal coming to you from an italian flea market very soon!}

prepare to see me 1. in multitudes of layers on my way back or 2. rolling a 2nd small and convenient bag into the san diego airport. 

only time will tell, people. 

SO here's the scoop: I am going to blog as often as I can while on my trip. expect lots of photos. 
but the BEST way to see all the fancy things happening is via instagram

follow along! 
i promise to embarrass myself often. 

ciao bellas, ciao! 

March 16, 2012

lunch break hustlin'

two women sexy females walk into mcdonalds.
they order two big macs, fries and two drinks.
they eat them rather quickly sexily.

they decide it's best for morale to walk out with two snack size mcflurries.

they order.


"two snack size mcflurries, please"

"oh yeah, ok, what kind?"

"m&m please"

"oh, ok, cool, cool.
you from around here?"

"umm, you mean, like, linda vista?"

linda vista is a less than desirable 'hood in san diego. it also houses our nearest mcdonalds

"yeah, linda vista"

"no, we're not."

"oh, aiight. that's cool. where you from?"


"that's cool. so you like it here?"

"do we like it here? in linda vista?"

keep in mind, we are at mcdonalds. not on vacation or at a neighborhood pool or even, on a bus or train. 

"yeh, linda vista. you like it here?"

"no, nope. don’t really like it here."

"why you don't like it?"

"eh, it's not really that pretty. ya know, nothing to see."

"you 20?"

…..abrupt subject change and stellar number pickin' skills.

"uh, what?"

"you 20?"

"are we 20 years old? no. 25 and 30"

"psssshhh, you lyin'!"

"no, really, I'm 30."

"yeah, and she's pregnant too."

"your dudes black?"

"um what?"

"your dudes black?"

"do you mean, like are our boyfriends black?"

enter the girl with our mcflurries, thank holy bajeesus.

"ok, well, byyyeeee"

"oh, ok, then, cool. see ya."


and to all of this i say: uh, #wutthefuck?

mish, there is no one i would have rather have had this experience with.


March 15, 2012

post and products

Yesterday was a good mail day. 

etsy purchase from 2 weeks ago. I've been checking my mailbox eagerly each day in the hope of finding these beauties from this lovely shop and then, on the day that I forget about mail entirely, I found them at 7pm! waiting patiently for me.

ahhh, perfect timing. wearing these in italy will make me happy.

AND as if that wasn't enough, my birchbox came and I liked 3 things inside!
that might be a record, people.

birchbox is definitely hit or miss with me but over the months, I've come away with 4 really great products that I would have never know about otherwise. to save you the time and money of birchbox trial and error - here are my faves so far.

this stuff seriously makes my skin so smooth and even. perfect before applying foundation - WHICH i've been needing a lot of due to bunny hormone strength. 

LOVE this moisturizer. it doesn't offer full coverage but it tones down the redness a lot. and it's not oily. 
i use the bronzed color. 

this came in my box just yesterday (HA! that's what she said) 
anyyyway, it did. 
and i'm wearing it today and i'm really happy about it. it's called radiance cream and that's kinda what it's doing. 
radiant face, that's me today.
(also, birchbox's price is WAY awesomer than elsewhere, just an fyi)

and last but not least, this deliciously smelling hair shtuff. 
it makes hair super shiny and sleek and happy, vanilla smelling. 
i like it. 


March 13, 2012

moda italiana

shoes, all the rest

i FINALLY booked a hotel room for our first stop in ROMA! it's central-esque and i just cannot wait to get my feet on italian soil. i want to walk up and down the streets leisurely and take it all in. i'm glad i don't get too excited about things until the time is upon me because i'm telling you, one week of anticipation is going to KILL me. at least i still have enough time to go shopping for the perfect outfits! 

March 12, 2012

surviving monday

three, twelve, twelve.
three, twelve, twelve.

today I am trying out a few things.

1. the reduced fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich from starbucks. I'd recommend that you don't try it. though you probably already have. it's gross, gross I say!

2. twirling my new haircut hair because I kinda, sorta hate it. wah. it's 4 inches too short and the girl put in blonde streaks that remind me of me as kelly clarkson, circa 1994.

turns out, this is actually 2003. i'm good with dates.

actually me, 2012. wtf.

they're open tomorrow, maybe I'll go in for a correction color. and maybe a reattachment of lost length?
can they do that?

3. pretending I love my job. I'm not going to lie, I think people who love their jobs and proclaim it often are  a)lying b)delusional c)delusional liars or d)possibly the luckiest people on earth. so this morning, about 1 minute before I arrived to the office, I thought: what if I preteeeend to love my job!? what if I come in and say 'good morning' to people as I pass them? what if I smile a lot and get excited about my daily tasks?! so I went for it.

so far, ive:

  • said 'hello' and 'have a nice day' to a stranger in the elevator
  • asked how my coworker's weekend was. (gasp!)
  • made a joke funny enough to make my boss laugh (pretty typical though, not gonna lie)

but I'm slowin' down folks.  it's a mere 9:26am and things are caving in…the darkness! the darkness!
it's so…dark.

wish me luck in creating some daily tasks interesting enough to get me through!

at least I have my ultrasound to look forward to!
5:15 bunny. I'm coming for ya! spread those legs, kid.


March 9, 2012

let's hear it for the girls!

two nights ago, girl scouts came knocking at my door and while usually I hide from anyone on my doorstep, [because I'm in my underwear or because I just cannot be inconvenienced during my very important tv-watching schedule] I was so happy to see these gals. 1. because they were carrying two boxes of samoas with them and 2. because it's so retro and hard-working of them!

were you ever a girl scout??

because when I was, we walked door-to-door to sell cookies. we did not stand still at the grocery store entrance like the scary homeless man who calls me and anyone else walking by a fucking bitch. though, truth be told, I do kinda like him. I once tried to give him my leftover pasta from our local and delicious!! eatery and he screamed: GET AWAY FROM MY SHIT! YOU FUCKING WHORE! GET AWAY! GET AWAY! DON'T TOUCH THAT!

hahaha - oh man, even now, it cracks me up.

the other day, hank and I walked really slowly by him just to hear his rants about what we think was a woman who scorned him in the past. he was yelling at her for leaving him, that whore.

ok, sorry about that, we got waaay off track here. GIRL SCOUTS!

door-to-door cookie selling just gets me in the heart space.
eager, nervous, excited girls ringing the door bell and giggling out: "girl scout cookies!" - ah, I love it.

"yes, we'll take 2 boxes of samoas."

"ok, that will be…um, 8 dollars. they're 4 dollars a box."

"sounds good! here ya go."

"thaaaaaank you!", as they run off to their mom, giggling some more.

is there anything better??!

…ok, I might really enjoy when the ups guy comes by with another one of my amazon purchases too.  but can I eat that book, belly butter and air filter I just bought?!

no, no, I cannot.


March 8, 2012

bunny emails and letting go

So yesterday was the day.

I got an email from my trusty DNA tester person who gave me $250 for 4 small vials of blood.

She first sends this:
May I just email it to you now? :)

I reply:
Yes, you may. EEEEeeeeek! 

And then back this came:
We think you're having a ____!! :) Congrats and please let me know when it's been confirmed with an ultrasound! 


You didn't think I'd give up that info that easily, did you?? ;)

I have a few preparations to make before I reveal bunny's gender. They include, going to an ultrasound appointment I just made for myself on Monday!!, going to see my Henry family in CT and surprising them with the news AND then going to Italy and purchasing gender specific Italian gear to surprise YOU with the news.

Yes, yes, life is unfair.

But hey, I'll be in Italy in 2 weeks, it's totally cool.


To send you off with happiness, here's a little set of goodies I found yesterday. I wholeheartedly agree with all of this and it's pretty much how I try to live my life. #3 is definitely the hardest one for me. Well, they're all hard, who am I kidding?

Oh! and on this note, have you read The Four Agreements and Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz? If not, that should happen soon. They're the most honest and true books I've ever read. Life changing kind of shizz.

Ok, love, love. Goodies for you...

1. Let go of everyone’s opinion of you. ‘What others think of you is none of your business”. None of us like to be criticized, particularly when it comes from those close to us, however constantly trying to please others is not only exhausting but moves us further away from who we truly are. Be your authentic self, and you will be far happier and attract the people who will love you for who you are.

 2. Let go of what everyone else wants for you. Do the things you want to do in life, not what your friends and family tell you you should be doing. As Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

3. Let go of boundaries and instead dream big. When you start something new or take something in a new direction, there will always be others who will tell you not to do it, that it will never work and that you are crazy for even trying. Ignore them all, block out the negative noise, do your planning and then just do it!

4. Let go of jealous feelings and concerns about what everyone else has. Life is not always fair and there will always be someone with more money, a more successful career, a bigger house, a more expensive car, a better relationship… and the list goes on. Instead, focus on the great things in your life and be grateful for what you have.

5. Let go of the things you can’t control. There are some things in life that are beyond our control, so instead of draining your energy trying to control these factors, instead focus on how to deal with them as best you can. Sometimes we don’t have a choice in the outcome, but we always have a choice in how we deal with it.

[source: bellamumma]


p.s. in somewhat related news, i'm wearing a DD bra today for the first time in my life. if i topple over, just leave me be. 

March 7, 2012

two things i'm loving

i am currently rocking a kate spade case and i love it but having this beauty 
around as a second option couldn't hurt, right? 

i am in serious baby fever mode and getting all johnny5 over here.  
input, inpuuuuut! need more input! 
so then i found this handy-dandy calendar and it's my favorite by far. 
i basically just count down the days until i can read a new entry. 

week 15, get. over. here! 

oh! and here's something i'm not really loving.
and something that might even have me hoping for an "outie" in later months...?? 

i dunno, it just looks...heavy. 
but way to go, jess! 

and spoiler alert:

she's having a girl
see! now you don't have to buy this mag! 

you're welcome. 


March 6, 2012

bunny bump: week 13

13 weeks, 3 days

let's do a weekly update, shall we?

new things:
headaches. oh hi there, head pain. welcome, welcome to the party.

same things:
pimples. though if I had to guess, this week has been the WORST to date. I've never had a dermatologist on call but I'm going to find one, today. this pizza face/body disaster has got to be stopped.

sleepiness. I am still really tired. And while it's not particularly morning or night tired, it's an all-day kind of tired. the kind of tired that strikes when you've been standing too much, talking too much, thinking too much??

improved things:
nausea! this one takes the cake. it is definitely the best part of the last few weeks. there are moments when I feel like it might be coming back but overall, it's pretty much gone. take that, first trimester! yaaw! [high-kick]

bigger things:
I'm pretty sure something happened over the weekend while I was sleeping because this shit is getting bigger. shit = belly, boobs, body in general…oh, yippee.
I've gained about 3-4 lbs so far so i'm not calling the guinness book of world records just yet but just so you know, it's happening. 

potentially exciting things: 
so i went last week to have my blood drawn for a pregnancy study. all in the name of science, i say! it was easy, fun and i got paid! $250? Um, yeah, I'll take that visa card, thank you! Any ladies in the San Diego area interested and bumpin' at earlier than 13 weeks, leave me your email address and I will hook. you. up. ANYWAY, the best part about it is that I get to learn the gender! The administrator gal asked if I wanted to know and well, YES, i do. So once they test my blood, she'll send me a quick email with boy or girl results. So easy! I'm going to follow up with an ultrasound just to confirm but I am sooo excited. 

bunny, i might stop calling you bunny soon. very, very soon. 


March 2, 2012

I wish I were...

this was sent to me today. 
{thanks riss!}

i like it. 

happy friday, glow worms! 

March 1, 2012

morning texts

Mar 1, 2012 6:51 AM
from: Mom

"You and Snookie are having babies at the same time!! 
She is 3 months too." 

Just another reason to get excited. 
They're piling up, people.