February 8, 2012

technology improves friendships

Growing up in a time with no email, no internet, no cell phones can be hard to recall but I know I did it. I distinctly remember saying to a friend in high school 'what the hell is email?' And when I finally created one, the pressure of having to come up with a name I would use and give out to people was entirely too overwhelming. I still feel this way about commitment - hence the reason why we still rent a home. And after many hours of pondering what I would use, I finally came up with vbella22…seriously.

Because I speak another language and in that language I am so beautiful, you have no idea.

I've since come to my senses and have employed a very simple email handle of my actual name for years. Unfortunately it's now outdated because I got hitched and changed my name but I'm keeping it as is. I can't go through that decision process again.

Naming disasters aside, the email is one of my best friends. It helps me keep in touch with anyone and everyone - including, my IRL friends. The same friends who also did not have email addresses in high school or middle school or elementary school. But what happens when said friends don’t have email? Or GASP! a computer?

I say: that friendship suffers.

Of course, this statement assumes that your well connected friends actually read and reply to email - and I'd venture to say that most do. Is there anyone out there who does not list check email as their morning activities?

Employed at a desk or not, you can check at home, at work, on your phone, at an internet cafĂ©…do these still exist? When you'd like to quickly update your friends with big news or send out a question or a photo of the outfit you're wearing for approval or just to rant without taking an actual break from work and calling them, the email is perfection. And the friend that does not email does not get to hear these things; they don't know about yesterday when you lost your dog during your morning walk, was late to work and then missed lunch because you forgot about the project that was due that afternoon. And sometimes it's these small life things that build stronger relationships. It's daily life that brings us closer together.

My last caveman inspired friend with no computer access has just ended the madness. She now has a computer and even, email. It just happened and since then, she's emailed me 3 times a day. Each email looks like a letter, complete with salutations and full sentences. While I can't wait until she gets on board with the rest of us text happy maniacs, cutting sentences down, using wild exclamations and brief if non-existent greetings, I'm glad we can keep in touch more often.

Poof! We're close again and I officially know her schedule for the next month.

Wait...did I say technology improves or worsens friendships...


  1. Can I just say that my first email was:

    Then I got cool and changed it to:


    1. P.S. 1190 just happened to be my house number. Obvi.

  2. Back in the day of AOL, I was scorpio158. Then I changed it to ilovesteviey (because I did/do love Steve Yzerman, NHL star). But then I married Stevie W, and that got annoying to explain away.

  3. I'm not going to even type out my horrific & embarassing email/aol names. Okay..maybe just one: sweetbrunette1. VERY creative ;)

    This topic is SO true though!! And I am definitely guilty of checking my email first thing.

  4. This is hilarious. I had some variation of surfergrl and parisgrl at one time. Guess what? I hate both of those things now. At least it's not like getting a tattoo. "I hate Hello Kitty now. Dammit!"

  5. After soccer practice before cell phones existed I would call collect to my mom and state my name as "mom pick me up" (in fastest voice i could possibly say), if the call was rejected, I knew she was on her way.

    Also, my first email/AOL screen name was coolguy76, no wonder why you married me.