February 21, 2012

new things in my purse and elsewhere

hard candies
…ginger ale?

also, today my pants are extraordinarily tight. this does not make me happy. it makes me uncomfortable and grumpy.

I blogged a lot in december dressember. dresses have a way of making that happen. and I anticipated following that practice through this new year, keeping everyone updated on all my life happenings. but then, something happened and I could barely look at a computer. I could barely look at anything because that would have required me to keep my eyes open. I was tired, more tired than I'd ever been.

And all I wanted to do was blog about it.

But I didn't.
I couldn’t.

I wanted to give you the whole story. I wanted to tell you about the second I found out that shit was gonna change. I wanted so much to tell my story, from beginning to end, without worrying about time. I didn't want to follow these "rules" of waiting until it was safe or advisable because I don't believe life should have rules. Life is spontaneous and unpredictable. And I'm OK with that.

But even with all my wants, I couldn't write about it. I didn't have the words. And even now, if you can't plainly see, I'm still struggling to come up with them.

So, the best I can do is start with this.

Because maybe as I didn't believe it until I saw it, you might not know what I'm babbling on about.

This was at 8 weeks and on Friday, I'll have completed 12 weeks of this...this...game-changer. 

#impregnant #holyshit



  1. Did you just hashtag that you were pregnant? ;)
    That is amazing.
    Future Baby Henry (FBH) is going to be amazing too.

  2. WHOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the start of a very wonderful and real look into the life of a pregnant blogger! And you're going to be SO much cooler than any Sydney or Naomi out there! ;)

  3. YAY!!! Congratulations girl! That is soooo exciting :-) I can't wait to follow your journey!

  4. HOORAY!!!!!! I can't wait for preggo fashion a la Vic. I will be insanely jealous of you and your cutest bump. Having a baby has made me infinitely happier than anything in the entire world. So excited for you and Hank to join in on the fun!!!!

  5. Congratulations! I don't think I could keep my big mouth shut if I was pregnant, so I commend you for keeping such a huge secret without blowing your cover. It's going to be so much fun picking out cute clothes to accommodate the baby bump :p

  6. omg! yay! holy shit! I can't stop exclamation pointing! I'm so incredibly excited for you! finally, someone I can share dirty pregnant details with! and it seems like we're only a week & a half apart! :D

    seriously, email me. let's chat. mandee.quinn@gmail.com

  7. Ok how ADORABLE are you.. man can I raid you closet?! puuhleeease!!?
    Congrats on the baby how EXCITING!Happy I came across your blog.. New follower :)

  8. I was waiting for this post! I totally knew weeks ago. the play-doh post.

    so so so incredibly happy for you and Hank! I totally need to get to Cali next summer!

  9. YAY!! Congratulations!!

    Excited to follow your baby bump journey!