February 10, 2012

my gain is your gain: surf print giveaway!

it's friday! 
and it's giveaway day. 

what!? the weekend AND a giveaway? 
damn, life is good. 

allow me to take you back a week. I believe I mentioned at some point…maybe?...that I was attending the so-cal blogger meet-up. it was held in la jolla and there were about 60 lady bloggers there. craziness, I tell you. the gals who organized the event really did a great job and it was a completely new experience. I got to meet a few super cool girls and I got the stink-eye and some shit talking action all in the same day! typical lady qualms.

one really generous aspect of this event were all the giveaways. it seemed we were lucky enough to get some great sponsors and during the second raffle, I won something!  (we all won something in the end…but it's still pretty fun to hear your name called) 

My prize turned out to be pretty freaking rad. From Orange&Park, a local print shop, I got a screen print of San Diego's surf spots. Behold:

I can appreciate art. I like to hang things on my walls at home. I like to support the locals but here comes the part where you become the winner.

I'm not a big surf gal…plain and simple.

The last time (and maybe third time in life) I went surfing, I came back with bruises, a belly full of salt water and a renewed fear of the ocean. Safe to say, I'm sticking to bays, lakes, ponds, sidewalk and swimming pools for the rest of my adult life. It's a shame because here I've been, all my life, living near the beach. Oh, irony, you kill me.

Where my surfers at? 
Where my surf lovers at? 
Where my map enthusiasts at? 

Holler at your girl and enter to win this dandy piece of snazziness!

Let's take a closer look at it.

14"W x 24"H
Ink Screen Print
San Diego Surf Print
color..green or blue/ unknown because I'm a lady and I don’t want to get my grimy fingerprints all over your new print!
I. am. a. lady.

Here's how you win! 

1. You must be a follower of vickichristine. Just click that little 'join this site' button on your left. 
2. Leave a comment about why you love surfin'. 
3. Cross your fingers real tight! (optional)
4. Do a lucky dance - a jig, if you will. (also, optional but highly recommended)

And that's it! 
I'll pick one random winner next Friday, 2/17/12. 

Good Luck!! 
also, if you have the time, I suggest visiting Orange&Park
they've got other cool shnazz too. 


Happy Weekend! 


  1. I am going to say why I like surfing TODAY more than in general...

    First, I already heard the waves are good so I am already thinking about surfing tomorrow am (if I can't sneak out of work early for Today)- time will fly by.

    Second, I will be thinking about surfing all night which will probably cause less alcohol consumption- no hangover saturday

    Third, If I have a good session I will be stoked all weekend long!

  2. I personally do not surf but I would love to have this to give to one of my best friend and her husband who both love surfing and have been going through some rough times lately. Surfing is a passion for both of them and it has brought them closer together as a couple. She grew up on the coast and learned to love surfing, he grew up in the mountains and had never surfed a day in his life before he met her. When they moved to San Diego she introduced her love of surf to him and he has never looked back. Case in point: they are planning a Valentine's getaway up to San Clemetine and they are planning their trip around where the best waves will be.

  3. I missing surfing since i got hurt. It is my stress reliever...(I know you know I am more than alittle stressed right now).

  4. I like surfing the internet since I can't swim. Pick me. I need art for my office.

  5. Vicki, you really should be in marketing. This is a great way to gather followers and give something back, classic. The print is awesome, I am not a surfer, but nevertheless, love art and blogging; somehow they do go together.... Thank you.


  6. I may not be a California gal, but I did get engaged in Point Loma! that has to count for something, right? If I win, this print will be a nice little reminder of you and 'kins!

  7. these prints were so well received at the blogger meet-up!! it is perfect for any californi girl to have on her wall!

  8. I like surfing because its a hobby that my dad loves to do and i used to go watch him as a child. long long ago.

  9. I'm in! I'm horrible at surfing... but love being a wannabe. I am drooling over your wedding pics by the way. If I could do mine over, I would steal every last detail of your pretty day. Looks magazine worthy for sure. Miss you Vic. XO

  10. this is me, commenting as my good friend anna. blogger apparently hates her but she thinks this print is rad. one entry for anna, right here!
    (see, how badly i want people to win!! ) ;)

  11. i love surfin' cause i get to hang out with hank and then hit up katijas afterwords... those are really about the only reasons. gotta go, got a jig to bust out...

  12. ok i am entering!! i follow your blog!

  13. and i have only surfed once but i would love to try it again, so answer to your answer i love surfing because it gives me the opportunity to try something new!

  14. I am entering... would you ship it to New York?
    I love surfing - it is amazing to watch, and it reminds me so much of Southern California (I have to watch, can't swim)

    1. Lizzie - for sure I would ship to NY! You need some Cali reminders. :)