February 29, 2012

leap day, counting, and girth

Is this day really happening?
Am I 30 years old today or a mere 7.5 years young?

Leap day should be celebrated, methinks. We should all be allowed to take the day off so that we can appropriately bask in the rarity of this day, contemplating our existence and the measure of time. Time,  which we celebrate ALL the time anyway. Birthdays, anniversaries, new years, etc…

I've been specifically trying not to think about time lately. Being pregnant brings a whole new way of looking at and counting the days. Each day, closer to your due date. The days are only lived to reach that new goal moment: delivery.

Today, both my iPhone app and my last ultrasound tell me I am 12 weeks and 4 days.

I am that time. I am a clock.

What happened to the other 30 years and 4 months of me? Still here, though my app doesn’t say shit about that. It only reminds me that I am….a carrier with a deadline. A vessel for life. It tells me things I can and can't do. It shows me the hourglass and I'm just watching the sand slowly sift through to the bottom, waiting. 27 weeks and 3 days to go.

tick, tock, tick, tock.

A clock? No, I'm a fucking time bomb.

Fingers crossed for no actual explosion come September.


Even if I'm avoiding time, there are some things that cannot be avoided and the most prominent of those things, my friends, is mid-section growth. Today I woke up bigger, slightly so but indeed bigger. So instead of squeezing myself into unbuttoned jeans OR wearing yet another flowing dress, I wore my very first pair of maternity jeans. I'm wearing them now. NEW THINGS!

I went on a maternity shopping spree last week because the time was closing in and my pants were no longer closing at all.

True statement: maternity clothes are NOT cheap.

I bought 5 things, 5. And I spent almost $500. Yep. I told my sister that she better wear the hell out of these things one day because that kind of spending needs to be stretched as far as time and wear of material will allow. Care to see what I bought? Of course you do. We love to shop.

Today I am wearing these jeans by j. brand.

And tomorrow I might wear any of these other goodies my belly and wallet gobbled up. 

Black jeans by 7 for all mankind - seriously could not find a link to these even though i found an image this morning, ugh. 

Leggings in gray and black - they look like leggings. 

And this serious lady...

Yes, that's a nursing bra so I imagine it will come in handy later. For now, it's just a bra that actually fits over my current state of chest. It's getting ridiculous, folks. 

I can safely say, with most of my day behind me, I recommend these jeans and bra with high marks! 5 stars! 

Look at me, celebrating today with exclamation points! Leaping through the day with enthusiasm! 



*i would like to take this post script opportunity to thank my mom for splitting the maternity spree with me, you're the best, barbaloo. <3


  1. But your maternity closets are so cute! Well worth the $500. Also you know thrift stores have lots of maternity stuffs, however I cant guarantee how cute they may be...

  2. gahhh! I haven't delved into the world of maternity pants yet. the only thing I've purchased are two maternity dresses for our trip to St. Thomas this month. I'm going to attempt to get away with NOT buying maternity pants since I'll be drowning in sweat all year. yay for summer babes!

  3. heh, i was just telling lalicard that i needed a pair of stretchy maternity pants! (no, no baby, just phat). now i know what to buy!

  4. Such cute pants! Where do you get such cute maternity clothes?