February 14, 2012

i heard today was a holiday.

Sadly, this is as good as it gets here. What you're seeing are my superior pen tool skills. I'm calling it a pet rock. And since I've never had one, I'm pretty happy about it.

I shall call him: Augustus.

Augustus wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day! 

He is probably off eating chocolate somewhere. Which means you should be too.

The Hank and I don't do much for Valentine's day. Neither of us cares much for it. I mean, we can love on each other every day and pretty much do so yeah, it's just another day...in paradise! Hey-oh!

But to celebrate my love for my most special, sexy husband, I will proudly display photos from our wedding day because it was a day of love, love, love. I'm pretty sure I didn't stop smiling once that day. Even my grandma said to me "you are glowing!" and then she squeezed my hand and smiled. Oh, I love her. Happy Valentine's day Grandma!!!

Ok, that got off track....focus. Pictures!!

we met in a bar and here we are, in a bar again. 

so. damn. poetic. 

hank, i love you so freaking much. 
you make my heart full. 

and you can bet your ass on that new haircut getting you lucky tonight. 



  1. You're so beautiful. I love love love your wedding pictures!
    It almost makes me want to spend a shit ton and have a wedding myself. Almost.

  2. Beautiful images and love your dress, so refreshing to see something a bit different. Rx