February 13, 2012

birthday wishes and cookie dreams

today is cookie's birthday. and so a big 'ol HAPPY BIRTHDAY to miss samantha!

this can also go to mr. travis - though I doubt he knows I have a blog or possibly what a blog is…nevertheless, happy birthday trav!

they're brother and sister, not twins. they're my in-laws. hank's siblings. yup.

 I was looking for e-cards to send to them and duh, came across some fun options over at someecards.

I ended up sending samantha this one:

and travis (though, not sure if he ever checks his email) a personal email message of: happy birthday! hope you have a great day.

I know, I'm original.

ok, so then I saw this card which made me laugh out loud. I almost sent it to myself but it's not my birthday and that's slightly pathetic so instead I'm sharing it with you!

it reminded me of the book I just finished reading called The Land of Later On by Anthony Weller. It offers a completely refreshing take on what the afterlife could be - so much so that it makes mass suicides appealing. anyway, it's a fun read. check it out if you have the time.

and to keep the good spirit flowing, here's a delightful 1992 musical relic. does it take you back?
ooohhh yeaaaah.

Weak by SWV - Sisters With Voices on Grooveshark

oh! and don't forget to enter to win


  1. hahaha - - "so much so that it makes mass suicides appealing"

    I heart you, mucho :)

  2. Does that mean I can call Samantha Cookie! I like that name.... and is that cuz she's always baking wonderful delicious cookies? Happy B-day Mante!

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