February 15, 2012

beauty and a beast

how gorgeous are these photos of bey and jay's new baby blue?!

so glad they shared them with us.
and since we all know sharing is caring, here they are for those of you with better things to do than actually search this shit out.

ok and i'm just gonna say it: 

what the hell happened to lindsay lohan?! 
i'm going with a classic: drugs are bad, mmmkay. 


  1. That baby is beautiful, she looks just like Beyonce!

  2. Gorgeous baby but... Lohan! What are you doing? She looks mid 40s and as for her jacket??? The sleeves make her look like a grey grinch! Rx


  3. Hair! Actually, Blue is pretty cute. So it is very possible. :)

    1. i thought the same thing and meant to tell you. :)

  4. 1. there baby is just the cutest! honestly, i am just loving on that full head of hair! adorable!
    2. i'm so sad to see lindsey lohan go down the drain. i'll just try to remember her in her glory days of the parten trap and mean girls.
    xo TJ