February 22, 2012

baby bunny - the reveal

The week before new year's eve, I was feeling extremely exhausted. I was emotional and cranky. My boobs were heavy and hurt like hell. I was going to start my period on the 30th.

Flo did not come to town and now it was the first of the year. Give it another day, I thought.

On the 2nd of January, bright and early, I took a pregnancy test. I waited the full 3 minutes to even glance at that stick. I brushed my teeth and avoided it on the counter. I slowly rinsed and dried my mouth. I reached over, picked it up and looked down…

two. lines.

two. strong ass. pink lines.

"holy shit."
{I say this a lot though not more than I have in the last 2 months} 

I walked into the bedroom, where hank lay half-sleeping, and slowly  meandered around the bed. He looks up.

"Did anything happen in there?"

"Oh yeah, something happened."

"Oh yeah? As in…."

I got back into bed and handed him the stick.

"Ohh My God," says the hank.

Yup. That's how we felt. Which, admittedly, is kind of silly because we were actively trying. But it had only been two months and to be entirely honest, we "tried" once that fertile week. And welp, as the old saying goes, once is all it takes. 

All of January and February has been a haze to me.  Chock full of nausea, exhaustion (a clear theme here), cramping, disbelief, and dare I even say…depression?

These feelings can be extremely inconvenient in a world where everyone loves to be super excited about these things. The first question I get is almost always, "Are you SO exciiiiiited?!?!"

To which, I usually reply, "umm, I think so?" with a large, reassuring, slightly quizzical smile to make them feel good.

But all that aside, there IS one thing that can make all your unhappy feelings go away and turn your puking frown upside down.

And here it is.



  1. Awwww yay!!!! :) :) That video puts the biggest, silliest, grin on my face every time.

    Can't wait for the lame preggo stuff to end so the cool baby stuff can happen!

  2. OH that is precious! Sorry for the sucky stuff!

  3. that video is gnaaaaaaarly... i think it has sideburns like hank.

  4. SO AWESOME!! The video made ME cry!!!

  5. ahhhhh congrats girl!!! that is gunna be one beautiful baby!

  6. Oh my goodness! Congrats to you! It is the best journey ever! :)

  7. Congratulations! I just found out that I'm pregnant as well, and even though I have been wanting a baby for quite some time, the reality of it certainly brought the same feelings that you talked about. I felt weird when everyone expected me to be grinning from ear to ear when that's not completely how I felt.

    I'm getting more excited each day and that little video you made got me so excited for the day that the ultrasound looks like a baby and not just a blob!

    Again, congratulations. And thanks for being honest about those feelings!

  8. I believe the 9 months really helps a couple to get their mind wrapped around the whole idea of a child

  9. I'm so excited!! A Grandbaby! Hooray!!!

  10. Omg I loved reading this!!! I am 7 weeks preg and am going through some of the very same emotions as you were and am also feeling sooooo sick ALL the time. I hope this feeling will pass so I can get excited about being preg. Not gonna announce my pregnancy on my blog till im 12 weeks but its so hard keeping it a secret!!
    Am gonna go read through all your pregnancy posts now.