January 15, 2012

week one homework

in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. 
you find the fun and SNAP! the job's a game.

i say this often to myself. and when i do and when, in fact, there are jobs that prove fun, i slap myself for not starting them earlier.

i am a chronic procrastinator. i cannot even attempt to start anything until i know that i am at that last second. it's ridiculous really. but, as always, i finish strong and on time and because of that, i'm not easily convinced to change up my habits.

this is why i don't plan anything. i live in the present...all the way up until it's the future and i'm like shit, did i do all the stuff i wanted to yesterday? probably not.


this afternoon, i started my online class videos and homework for the week, since it was due today and all. and while i watched the videos and started playing around in illustrator, again, i was telling myself how silly i'd been for not starting these earlier. i wanted to make twenty more cards but time ran out and sleepiness won.

i did complete all the tasks though and so, i give you:

week one, done.

business card A

business card B

monogram stationary

greeting card

the only one i really don't like is the monogram stationary. i was getting tired and so i just followed the instructions and re-created what they'd done in class. it's not my aesthetic at all. though i did think it was good to try and make something that others may like. i know, the idea that it's not all about me STILL shocks me on a daily basis. life lessons are swell!

what do you think? should i open up my own print shop tomorrow and quit the 9-5 via email right this second!?!

stay tuned for week dos.

oh! and i know you're all forgetting i even used to do photo booth mondays. i'm thinking about grabbing some attractive coworkers tomorrow and forcing them to make funny faces at my phone. i'll let you know how it goes. 


  1. NICE! I like the business cards best. :)

  2. LOVE business card A. I'm not usually a pink person, but I really like it with the yellow.

    Good job girl!

  3. Love the Mary Poppins opening! :)