January 7, 2012

toys of old

Do you ever think back on all the cool toys you had growing up?

I spent time with my best friend and her girls this week and seeing them around computers and cell phones, it was clear that they are children of this technology age. They know how to unlock my phone, how to find a game to play on the internet, how to find the 'ondemand' channel on the tv. I still remember saying: "what is an email!?" in highschool and thinking that chatting online was completely unnecessary and awkward.

Though, as a kid, I did want the most cutting-edge toys. Just like I wanted Teddy Ruxpin and the Easy Bake Oven, kids today want a DS and the Wii.

I didn't get either, btw.

I did get other toys and thought they were pretty darn spectacular, if I do say so myself. Take a walk with me, down memory lane.

Was there anything cooler than a lite brite? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say no effing way. My sister and I would sit for hours sticking those pegs into that black paper. and no, we were not the kids dreaming up new and unique lite brite scenes. rules! you follow the rules! 

lite brite, lite brite, turn on the magic and say goodnight! 

i swear to you, that song just popped into my head. 
holy vault! 

do stuffed animals count as toys? because they do when you're poor! oh, glo worm. i love you. 
you actually LIGHT up at night, when i'm snuggling you. you're AH-may-zing. 

And while we're on stuffed animal avenue, was there a person out there who did not want or have a Popple?! I'm pretty sure I had 3 and while it may look creepy here, it was so very lovable. I mean, it slept in its butt! how cozy is that!?

Oh hello there, Cheer Bear. I loved you a lot. You, with a little red heart on your bum. 
You were so much better than grumpy bear. 

Cabbage Patch Kids. I had the kid AND the Big Wheel. This one's a sort of double whammy. Cabbage Patch Kids were amazing all on their own, the Big Wheel was amazing all on its own. Put those two together and you've got one happy 8 year old Vicki. Thanks Mom and Dad - 'twas a great investment in my happiness. 

and finally, i've left the most technologically advanced toy for last. 
this thing drove many of us crazy, may have given me hives and was entirely irresistible. 

I'm sure I've left many superb toys of the 80s out and really, I'd love to keep going but I have to visit the loo and get ready for the day. Also, Easton keeps looking at me and his eyes are saying: I NEED TO GO ON A WALK, WOMAN! 

alright, alright. sheesh. 

So, tell me friends, what did YOU love as a kid. Remind me of other lost loves! 

and have a happy weekend!!!!


  1. I was fortunate enough to have an easy bake oven. But I'm pretty sure I got one because my Mom wanted it more since I was never a fan of baked goods.

    My Little Pony was a big thing for me. Though, I don't think I ever got the super cool pink castle.

    Pound puppies! and Strawberry Shortcake dolls!...mmmm fruity smelling toys.

  2. All of the above! I was also obsessed with my snoopy sno-cone maker. :)

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