January 9, 2012

spectacular, spectacular

...no words in the vernacular to describe how much i love my specs.

i went on a little treasure hunt for the perfect pair, perhaps you recall. and after searching high and low, i found them. 

they help me see the computer screen without my scrunchy face AND i’ve only been called “studious” 5 times since i’ve started wearing them around the office. and i liked it! 

here they are, atop various faces. 

the day i bought them! yeeeow.

like i said, studious. 
big time.

does it look like i spend a lot of time at work taking photos of myself? 
yeah, i was thinking the same thing. 

curious to know what steeze these is? 
paul smith, claydon in tortoise/blue. 


  1. Oh those are SO cute!! I love, love glasses :-)

  2. Very cute! My head isn't shaped properly for that style - boo :(

    Stopping by because I saw you're going to the blogger meet-up. Looking forward to meeting you!