January 25, 2012

pondering the important things

should i be concerned that my jolly rancher lollipop smells like play-doh?

does not equal

no, it does. not. 

crap, now it's starting to taste like play-doh too. 

in some happy play-doh news, here's the recipe I used growing up to make our own! 
it's such a fun memory from childhood for me. 
whether you have kids or not, try it! 

·         2 cups of baking soda
·         1 1/2 cup of water
·         1 cup of corn starch
·         Food Coloring - pick a good one!

·         Mix the ingredients with a fork until smooth.
·         Boil until thick.
·         And voila! in 5 minutes, you've got a good time with play-doh ahead of you. 

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  1. Hi. You haven't blogged in 6 days. You should change that.
    K, thanks.

  2. Yes, I totally made play-doh as a kid. And yes, please blog.