January 20, 2012

making plans. fare progetti.

guess what hank did last night!!

here are some lovely clues.

that's right folks, he bought us tickets to italy!
first stop, ROMA.
from there, we know not where we go but i'm sure it will involve food and beautiful landscapes.

we've never been to europe or anywhere really, so this is pretty exciting.

it's super scary to hit that purchase button isn't it???
ahhhhhhh, so excited.

where will you be on march 25th!?
wanna meet at the colloseum?

and here is a  happy friday tune for your cute little booties. 
ciao, ciao!

Thats Amore by Dean Martin on Grooveshark


  1. Just call me J-Lo because I'm JEALOUS!!! Those pictures are amazing. You're going to have so much fun, that's awesome :) :) Yay for travelling!

  2. gahh! Those pictures are beautiful and this post just gave me chills. I'm so very excited for you guys. You are gonna love it!

  3. Make sure you bring comfy pants for eating. I recommend the pants with an elastic waist.

  4. hooray! elastic waist noted. i think i'm just bringing leggings. haha

  5. Hooray! I'm so excited for you! March will be here so soon! Pics are awesome!

  6. You're going to LOVE Rome. I went there a couple years ago with my family and it is BREATHTAKING.

    Definitely get ready to eat alot of good food. You're going to DIE from constant deliciousness!

  7. I hope Hank has started the Rosetta Stone cds. There's not much time!

  8. ahhh!!! Rome is my favorite city! I spent 9 weeks in Italy after college graduation! Im so excited for you. If you need any tips or info feel free to email me- I planned my whole 9 week trip all by myself. Also, if you want to go to Cinque Terre (the last picture you posted) double check to see if it is accessible. Cinque Terre had a horrible flash flood no too long ago and they were considering not rebuilding. ahh im so excited for you...and jealous!

  9. Hey honey! I'm a new follower! I found you through the So Cal Blogger meet up...can't wait to meet you in person! Have a fabulous weekend! Kori xoxo


  10. thanks for all the excitement about rome! i can't wait!