January 24, 2012

dumb celebrity gossip but i can't help myself

am i the only one shocked by the most recent splits?!?!
i realize that yes, it's hollywood, but some couples just seem so lovely together. 

makes me go whaaaaat?!

and this broad is pregnant. 
i made a special picture of her future! 
how nice am i??

i guess that's really all the gossip i can handle for today. 

maybe a lovely picture of jessica simpson will be a good closer...

or not.

in other amaaaaaazing gossip: 
hank is making a delicious, healthy dinner as i type this and i could NOT be happier about it. 
that's the scoop! 


  1. Hahahaha!! You can always count on Hollywood for some crazy!

  2. Seal & Heidi are splitting?!!!!! WOW. That makes me so sad!

  3. I'm most upset about Depp and Paradis. How can this be? *tear*

  4. HAhaha...You have such artistic talent on Kristin's ol' belly there!

  5. Not surprised by Seal and Heidi.

    I hope Kristin gains all the weight in the world....is that too mean?? ;)

  6. i have to say i don't give much credit to hollywood marriages but heidi and seal really surprised me. i thought they might have made it sad day :-(

    1. I know! it was a sad day for me. though i hear they're still wearing wedding rings so i'm holding out hope. i love love!