January 25, 2012

pondering the important things

should i be concerned that my jolly rancher lollipop smells like play-doh?

does not equal

no, it does. not. 

crap, now it's starting to taste like play-doh too. 

in some happy play-doh news, here's the recipe I used growing up to make our own! 
it's such a fun memory from childhood for me. 
whether you have kids or not, try it! 

·         2 cups of baking soda
·         1 1/2 cup of water
·         1 cup of corn starch
·         Food Coloring - pick a good one!

·         Mix the ingredients with a fork until smooth.
·         Boil until thick.
·         And voila! in 5 minutes, you've got a good time with play-doh ahead of you. 

currently listening to: 
First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes on Grooveshark

January 24, 2012

dumb celebrity gossip but i can't help myself

am i the only one shocked by the most recent splits?!?!
i realize that yes, it's hollywood, but some couples just seem so lovely together. 

makes me go whaaaaat?!

and this broad is pregnant. 
i made a special picture of her future! 
how nice am i??

i guess that's really all the gossip i can handle for today. 

maybe a lovely picture of jessica simpson will be a good closer...

or not.

in other amaaaaaazing gossip: 
hank is making a delicious, healthy dinner as i type this and i could NOT be happier about it. 
that's the scoop! 

January 22, 2012

photobooth monday and a HUGE win!

what do two NY GIANTS fans look like immediately after their team wins the NFC championship game and is now on its way to the superbowl????

like this.



January 20, 2012

making plans. fare progetti.

guess what hank did last night!!

here are some lovely clues.

that's right folks, he bought us tickets to italy!
first stop, ROMA.
from there, we know not where we go but i'm sure it will involve food and beautiful landscapes.

we've never been to europe or anywhere really, so this is pretty exciting.

it's super scary to hit that purchase button isn't it???
ahhhhhhh, so excited.

where will you be on march 25th!?
wanna meet at the colloseum?

and here is a  happy friday tune for your cute little booties. 
ciao, ciao!

Thats Amore by Dean Martin on Grooveshark

January 19, 2012

me on men's hair

I created a little eye candy board of delicious man-dos for hank today.

He's growing his hair out again [mostly at my pleading requests] but he's ready for a trim. Since convincing him to ditch SuperCuts and visit a real salon about a year ago, he's now all into having a proper style and I could not be more excited about it!

So here is my board. Any you're particularly partial to??

January 18, 2012

february vogue

oh, hi there, taylor. 
i'm loving these shots. 

does she not look just like shania twain in this last one!? 

January 17, 2012

maybe puberty isn't just dramatics

Do you read the Style Rookie?
If not, you should consider it. I especially loved her most recent post.

She makes such a great point about the value of pre-teens and young teenagers. I mean, every person, at any age, can offer valuable contributions to the world around them. But it's especially hard to be taken seriously when you're young and hormonal. And as a result, we tend to look at young ideas as naive and silly. We dismiss them immediately because how can one know anything at such a young age? They haven't had any life experience. They don't know right from wrong yet.

But, don't they. Haven't they? Didn't we?

She posts a video from a 13 year old youtuber on slut shaming. While I had never heard the term before, I am very familiar with the topic and sadly, the ridicule.

Between the ages of 11 and 12,  I was one cute cookie. Thin and tan, i had long dark hair and a big, friendly smile . I was outspoken and confident. I wore short shorts and cute tops. I had lots of girlfriends and ran with the popular crowd. I was loving life! Until...the slut shaming started.

Girls I knew well and others I'd never met started calling me and my friends sluts. Sluts?! We hadn't even kissed any boys yet! There were notes passed about us, poems written and distributed to our classmates. The word slut, skank, hooker, bitch, pig and the like were often whispered, yelled, tossed at us like we were nothing. And where did it come from? Who started it? How had it become acceptable and fun, even?

I'm sure that even after all of the teasing I experienced, I employed my fair share of it on others. It probably felt good to get back at someone else. It's a horrible game kids play. And it doesn't end when you turn 18. Adults do it too. So why do we think we're so much better, experienced, or wiser than our younger counterparts?

Sure, we may have learned some things along the way to adulthood that they haven't encountered yet. But the learning starts early and they know their own truths. They've experienced a lot already.

I can only hope that I remember to give my kids a lot of credit. That I hear them out and take them seriously when they talk. And in turn, maybe they'll take me seriously when I tell them that name calling is never OK, that the golden rule should always apply and that they are not sluts regardless of what the kids are saying on the playground.

January 16, 2012

photo booth monday!! ray ban edition

here we are, in the ladies bathroom, in our sunglasses. this is how we celebrate MLK day, ya'll!

we're also really excited because the mish and i have officially purchased our tickets to this shindig:

SoCal Blogger Meet-Up

yep, meeting peeps is what we do. can't wait!

January 15, 2012

week one homework

in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. 
you find the fun and SNAP! the job's a game.

i say this often to myself. and when i do and when, in fact, there are jobs that prove fun, i slap myself for not starting them earlier.

i am a chronic procrastinator. i cannot even attempt to start anything until i know that i am at that last second. it's ridiculous really. but, as always, i finish strong and on time and because of that, i'm not easily convinced to change up my habits.

this is why i don't plan anything. i live in the present...all the way up until it's the future and i'm like shit, did i do all the stuff i wanted to yesterday? probably not.


this afternoon, i started my online class videos and homework for the week, since it was due today and all. and while i watched the videos and started playing around in illustrator, again, i was telling myself how silly i'd been for not starting these earlier. i wanted to make twenty more cards but time ran out and sleepiness won.

i did complete all the tasks though and so, i give you:

week one, done.

business card A

business card B

monogram stationary

greeting card

the only one i really don't like is the monogram stationary. i was getting tired and so i just followed the instructions and re-created what they'd done in class. it's not my aesthetic at all. though i did think it was good to try and make something that others may like. i know, the idea that it's not all about me STILL shocks me on a daily basis. life lessons are swell!

what do you think? should i open up my own print shop tomorrow and quit the 9-5 via email right this second!?!

stay tuned for week dos.

oh! and i know you're all forgetting i even used to do photo booth mondays. i'm thinking about grabbing some attractive coworkers tomorrow and forcing them to make funny faces at my phone. i'll let you know how it goes. 

January 13, 2012

friday hope

Everybody says "you can't, you can't, you can't, don't try." 
Still everybody says that if they had the chance they'd fly like we do.

Painting by Chagall by The Weepies on Grooveshark

January 12, 2012

the archives

it's a lovely thursday morning! friday is almost here, folks.

i'll be in mexico today doing some work things. got my trusty passport in my purse and ready to practice my espanol!

si, esta bien! no hay problema. mucho gusto! almuerza??

i was scrolling through old pics last night and came across a few fun ones. don't you just love looking back on the past?

January 11, 2012

learning to love...work?

when college ended, rather abruptly - i counted up my units one day and realized: oh, i guess i'm done,  i was a little lost.

i had always known what came next in life. preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade....12th grade, college....um, job? what job? will there be a teacher there? a course outline? maybe a counselor to tell me what job is best suited for me? [thought, counselors have never been much help to me in the past, truthfully]

but none of that existed.

it was all a big tidal wave of: good luck kid adult! we've given you the tools, now thrive.

and aside from not having ANY idea what i wanted to do with my life, i really missed the daily learning. i loved sitting in classrooms and hearing what my peers and teachers had to say. i enjoyed taking notes and sitting in class past the hour. i liked having to sleep study in the library midday.

jobs have not been my favorite things in life. i've never really had one that suits me well. each was inevitably boring and pointless. i would learn my tasks and how the company culture worked just enough to know i didn't really want to be there. and then, i would count down the days until it was an "appropriate" time to quit. 9 months was usually the itching point.

it could be that i like change. i mean, i LOVE change. new things, please! all. the time.

but i think it was more than that. it was pretending to care about a lot of things i just didn't care about. and spending most of my life in a place that held NO value to me was/is torturous.

i've been slightly lucky in my current job. though it started off so rough that i wanted to kill myself and possibly those around me, it's evolved over the 2+ years that i've been here into something i can at least stomach and at times, even *gasp* enjoy.

what started as a product management job has turned into a marketing manager position. though, the manager part i could do without. i've told them many times how much i am NOT interested in managing anything but my own projects.

people, no thanks.
a marketing plan, no thanks.
strategies, NO thanks.

so what do i want to do? well, i think it comes down to design. trading ideas and design things. pretty things. happy things. colorful things. trying every day to make something that people like and are drawn to. art. ads. words. newsletters. handouts. updates.

which, really, in the end is an extension of learning. learning to be better at creating every day is what i love. and so here i am, back in a kind of classroom. taking lynda courses online and employing a lot of trial and error before the final art is approved. the improving is my favorite part. the hardest part is saying OK, it's done. it's at its best. or at least, in a good spot.

a happy spot.

in an effort to extend my learning and happiness to other areas of life, i am taking even more online classes. today is my first day of Pretty Paper Products with Nicole's Classes

wish me luck!

and come back to see all the pretty paper products i'll be trying to make making!

to learning!

January 9, 2012

spectacular, spectacular

...no words in the vernacular to describe how much i love my specs.

i went on a little treasure hunt for the perfect pair, perhaps you recall. and after searching high and low, i found them. 

they help me see the computer screen without my scrunchy face AND i’ve only been called “studious” 5 times since i’ve started wearing them around the office. and i liked it! 

here they are, atop various faces. 

the day i bought them! yeeeow.

like i said, studious. 
big time.

does it look like i spend a lot of time at work taking photos of myself? 
yeah, i was thinking the same thing. 

curious to know what steeze these is? 
paul smith, claydon in tortoise/blue. 

January 7, 2012

toys of old

Do you ever think back on all the cool toys you had growing up?

I spent time with my best friend and her girls this week and seeing them around computers and cell phones, it was clear that they are children of this technology age. They know how to unlock my phone, how to find a game to play on the internet, how to find the 'ondemand' channel on the tv. I still remember saying: "what is an email!?" in highschool and thinking that chatting online was completely unnecessary and awkward.

Though, as a kid, I did want the most cutting-edge toys. Just like I wanted Teddy Ruxpin and the Easy Bake Oven, kids today want a DS and the Wii.

I didn't get either, btw.

I did get other toys and thought they were pretty darn spectacular, if I do say so myself. Take a walk with me, down memory lane.

Was there anything cooler than a lite brite? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say no effing way. My sister and I would sit for hours sticking those pegs into that black paper. and no, we were not the kids dreaming up new and unique lite brite scenes. rules! you follow the rules! 

lite brite, lite brite, turn on the magic and say goodnight! 

i swear to you, that song just popped into my head. 
holy vault! 

do stuffed animals count as toys? because they do when you're poor! oh, glo worm. i love you. 
you actually LIGHT up at night, when i'm snuggling you. you're AH-may-zing. 

And while we're on stuffed animal avenue, was there a person out there who did not want or have a Popple?! I'm pretty sure I had 3 and while it may look creepy here, it was so very lovable. I mean, it slept in its butt! how cozy is that!?

Oh hello there, Cheer Bear. I loved you a lot. You, with a little red heart on your bum. 
You were so much better than grumpy bear. 

Cabbage Patch Kids. I had the kid AND the Big Wheel. This one's a sort of double whammy. Cabbage Patch Kids were amazing all on their own, the Big Wheel was amazing all on its own. Put those two together and you've got one happy 8 year old Vicki. Thanks Mom and Dad - 'twas a great investment in my happiness. 

and finally, i've left the most technologically advanced toy for last. 
this thing drove many of us crazy, may have given me hives and was entirely irresistible. 

I'm sure I've left many superb toys of the 80s out and really, I'd love to keep going but I have to visit the loo and get ready for the day. Also, Easton keeps looking at me and his eyes are saying: I NEED TO GO ON A WALK, WOMAN! 

alright, alright. sheesh. 

So, tell me friends, what did YOU love as a kid. Remind me of other lost loves! 

and have a happy weekend!!!!