December 4, 2011

pbm - dressember weekend mock-up

i've been slacking on actual photo booth taking lately so i decided to create my own and make it a dressember interpretation, a recap, if you will. and since saturday and sunday's pictures are wee little things, i'll super size them for you here.

dress: i heart ronson, sweater: f21, tights and leg warmers: target, boots: gifted

dress, sweater and tights: target, boots: born, sunglasses: ray ban

day 4 was perfect for shopping, clearly:

and then i came home to clean and organize things.

my SIL just moved out of our home and into her very first San Diego apartment. She's big time now - pretty soon she'll be telling me about all the cool places to visit in the city. Congrats cookie!

welp, i just heard the bell toll, telling me i should be at work already and my dog is looking at me, isn't it time you left and gave me my TREAT!?

so on that note: happy monday!

dressember day 5 coming later. :)

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