December 19, 2011

pbm and a dressember weekend

first thing's first.
photo booth monday is upon us, yet again.


by, vickichristine.

i know, it's borderline creepy. but i like it because

1. it reminds me of that twizzlers makes mouth happy campaign 
2. it's arty. art-alicious, if you will
3. that second picture makes me look like a vampire. and ever since kirsten kissed brad, i've been ready to join up. 
umm, edward.

so there ya have it, my lips, teeth and tongue hath stolen the photo booth space this week. muah!

and now, i give you dresses!!!

bandana dress, blue infinity scarf, olive blazer and steve madden intyce boots

polka dot dress from f21 and my hair

check out my new b and h rings from urban!
it's my version of wearing hank's class ring and/or letterman jacket. 
oh, and that bandage...yeah, that was from cutting a tomato. cutco knives are sharp, kids. be careful. 
or just don't cut tomatoes!

on day 17 we had early christmas at my house. 
since we won't all be in the same city for the holidays, we bumped it up a week and got a little festive. 
i liked it. 

also, i hope it rains soon because i got this:

clearly, easton lurves it. 

and would you just look...
i have some fabulous women in my life. 

first off, my sister. 
she's pretty excellent. i would like to have her height, hair, skin, style, etc. like now. 
you hear that osmosis? genetics? anyone?

and to the rest of you holiday beauties, 
thanks for the love and the laughs. 

and then, there was sunday... 

new nars lip pencil - LOVE this. 
orange red is the new red. 
you heard it here. 

also, if you're a die hard dressember follower, [which, clearly you are] then you might remember this exact same dress/shirt combo from last year, here

and if you can read numbers, you should also note that it was on the 18th that i wore it last year. 

so, either i'm living in a fashion time warp or i'm living in a fashion time warp. 

goodness, how often does this happen!? 
i swear, SO not planned at all. 
i'm embracing it. 

hi, i'm creepy and i love coincidences. 


  1. The fact that you referenced Interview With the Vampire has made me like you even more...if that was even possible.

    Also, if I can request...I'd like to make an appearance in another PBM post.

    Thank you and that's all.

  2. Mouth is sort of creepy but also awesome. And yes, Brad Pitt was the OG hot vampire of our generation. But Team Jacob, damnit! lol.

    Finally, that is an awesome umbrella. Though I can't condone your wishing rain on SD. ;P

  3. sara! you are the first ever team jacob gal i've met. and i love you for it.

  4. hey just found your blog on the so cal blogger meet up page. and obsessed with your tan polka dot dress and umbrella!! hope to meet you there!