December 28, 2011

oh the dresses in days and circles

day 27 is a tube top dress that i probably have never worn. i bought it because i'm addicted to stripes but it never really looked great on me. i'm too short, methinks. but with a sweater, leggings and boots, who could tell!? i wore it to the movies last night where i saw TWILIGHT! i loved it. and now, of course, all i want is to see the next one. did anyone else think Bella FINALLY looked beautiful!? my goodness, woman.

day 28 is today! not sure i've blogged the current day's dress yet. i must have super powers today. it's a repeat actually but i've changed it up and thrown a tulle skirts over it. i adore this skirt from target (rodarte for target...2010?) and am glad whenever i can work it into an outfit. so hooray, wednesday success!

oh!! did you notice my new iphone case?? it's kate spade. it's confetti. it's soft and mushy. it's lovely. thanks mom!

everyone's just waiting for the upcoming 3-day weekend, right?

ahhhhhh! get here, friday.

get. yo. ass. here!


  1. A) You're so talented when it comes to making your pictures look fancy schmancy. What with those circles and all? Gurrlll Shiiit. (I'm dating a black guy, I can talk ghetto now.)

    B) Twilight. Yes. The moment her eyes flew open at the end...I was filled with much anticipation for the next one. Can we please see that together? K thanks.

    C) Phone case. Adorbs. Which, btw, did I tell you that my Casey Weigand phone case essentially became free? I paid $77 for it and then there was a chip on the side and she refunded it all.

    K that's all.

    (can you tell how bored I am?)