December 2, 2011

dressember, day 2

dress: target, boots: steve madden, shirt: thrifted, blazer: anthropologie

Taking pictures of yourself is kind of odd, yes? I usually take mine at home, in front of my mirror. And I do that after getting dressed [read: trying on multiple outfits before I run out of time and have to settle on something] and before I leave to work. 

I would like to start using my tripod but I'm going to need time to work that one out. First, because I can't find my tripod. And second, because it takes way more effort to get that right. Effort that includes waking up more than 30 minutes before you have to be at the office. 

These are the times I wish I had an assistant. Luckily, my version of an assistant/photographer comes in the way of people I love and trust. Michelle (awesome blogger and friend) is my right-hand lady at work. She comes in each day and asks "so, do we need to take some photos or what?" and of course, I say yes. That's her handy-work up there. I also have Hank, the husband, who is the absolute best at cheering me on in all the crazy things I do. Dressember...blogging..singing. He loves to try and take pictures that I'll actually use. Ha!

So, here's to day 2 and all the photo love I'm lucky enough to have. 


  1. You're a straight up model guurlll... I'm the lucky one who gets to snap those shots on the "runway" (aka wooden walkway at work).


  2. I'm so jealous that it looks nice and warm where you stay!!! Love your outfit and your poses are darling!! I wish i was good at taking pictures...