December 13, 2011

dressember catch-up

have you ever been so sick you had zero interest in touching a computer? 
i have. 

but, luckily, i am steadily recovering and am ready to take a walk down memory lane with you. 
let's review the last 5 days, shall we?

day 9: 
friday at work. went to dinner and then fell asleep on my friends. sickness was setting in. 
sorry carrie! 

day 10: 
went house shopping...again. sick + stress calls for jeans under my dressember.

day 11: 
i did nothing most of the day. i mean, other than whine, cough and cry. when i did go out for a bit, i started with a dress and ended up with a dress and a beanie and a comfy cape. i love that cape.

day 12: 
i wore this dress for 30 minutes when i tried to go into work. i was shoo'd out by at least 5 people. back in my sweats, i slept the rest of the day. 

day 13: 
today! i'm still getting better. i was able to talk a lot more today and even endured an 10 hour work day. {probably not the best way to recover...} it was still raining so i pulled my merlot hunter boots out for the occasion. unfortunately, my thigh high socks kept confusing me. after each bathroom break, i tried to pull them up as though they were acceptable sign that i'm still not at 100%, i'd say. 

all. caught. up. 

oh! yesterday, hank was telling a story and said "IMO" out loud. 
garsh, i love him. 

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