December 15, 2011

dressember 14th: stripes, fishnets and hodad's burgers for lunch

 i wore my lbd with my lss [little striped sweater] over it. 
the fishnets were kind of a joke when i grabbed them from my bureau [oui! sew french]
but once on mah legs, i was like...hmm, sweet!

it's warming up again in san diego. 
surprise, surprise. 

so, after a few errands, i picked up cookie and we walked to lunch. 
ocean beach. 
nom nom nom nom

cookie loves a good burger after running. 

and this girl loves a burger after sitting at a desk for 4 hours. 
and if you're curious about what to get, 
try the mini cheeseburger basket. 'tis the perfect size.

oh, hey there, happy license plate. 
you're so right on.  


  1. I wish I had the motivation to get ready for work in December like you do...Maybe 2012 will be the year.

    And def good choice with the fishnets :)