December 5, 2011

day five

pocahontas inspired day five,
feathers and all.

this was only my second attempt at a  fishtail braid. it probably made me late to work but i feel like i've almost mastered it so entirely worth it.  
i love that the look is a little messier than the usual braid. 

i counted my dresses the other night and technically, i have 30 dresses. 
some are fancy, some are casual, some might not fit at all so repeats are definitely in my future. 

to me, that's the best part. 
finding new and unexpected ways to mix styles and patterns kiiinda makes my day. 

i think this mix is unexpected.
classic gap dress, trendy draped cardigan
mixing colors, styles and patterns. 

and braid mastery...

yep, today made me happy. 


  1. I knew you had more than "like 9."
    And I am glad we are putting some forgotten dresses back in the mix! Yea!

  2. Vic, I haven't commented in ages... but just know I am basking in your dress inspiration. You are adorable and I love Dressember. I am also completely envious of your hair and boots and tights... I want it all. Ha!

  3. Super Cute! Love this look!
    Braving the cold...with Dressember.