December 6, 2011

day 6, the day i wore another dress, sang the chorus from 'we are young', the glee version, and bought a christmas tree

dress: h&m, boots: nine west

how fun are polka dot-esque patterns? polka-animals. 
i know you can't really see the boots but they have these fun studs down the sides, their only saving grace as i don't love black boots in general. but in the name of switching it up, i wore them today. yay!

so, we got our tree today. it was the very first one we saw. and that was lucky because it was freeezing outside. hurr she is at the lot: 

hurr she is at home:

oh no, wait, sorry, that's just easton in front of the fire...hooold on...


yeah, we don't have many ornaments because we only get one each, each year, sooo yeah, we have about 8. just wait 'til we're 90!! 

we watched glee while we trimmed the tree. and then this...happened...

this song was on glee tonight. hank and i immediately fell in love with it and played it over and over on youtube. then he asked me to sing it and record it and blog it. i am a good wife and do as i'm told. 
i apologize. 

is it weird that everything sounds better in my head? and in my bathroom, alone.
no, but seriously, how great are those lyrics? you should probably google the real deal. it's bomb.

posting random clips of me singing the chorus from random glee covers is pretty ballsy, if i do say so myself. i think having a supportive husband could be detrimental to my image. again, i apologize for this and any other random singing clips that may come your way. and you can bet your 401k on them coming because i'm pretty sure i just asked the hank for a christmas camcorder.
once i find my tripod, im going full vimeo on your asses.

to prove to hank how awesome it will be and just because practice makes perfect....i recorded a test first video with the camcorder i may or may not be getting. and yes, this is it.

december 25th, 2011
right after i finished opening presents at my mom's house

again, my apologies.

also, i just watched katy perry's 'the one that got away' music video and cried, like legit cried.


  1. oh man, sending you long distance hugs. you're the best ever.

  2. this could possibly be my favorite blog of yours ever, and I haven't even watched the vids yet.

    I want that dress!

  3. hahaha! I love this post. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me think about the Katy Perry video again and how I got choked up as well.
    I heart you.
    That's all I have to say. Well..and all the other stuff I just said too..

  4. I stinking love you...
    And by the way, gorgeous voice!!!

  5. that's it- you've done it. there was just too much vicki in this post for me to handle. and while it's completely possible for me to listen to you sing allll day in person, i cannot watch or listen to you sing in recordings. i dont know what it is exactly- but its probably why you apologized several times already.
    yours truly and always: annon.

    ps: Vimeo? Nothankyoueo.
    Animal style fries? Perhaps.
    Easton looking like he has a pen in his paw and you caught him in the middle of writing a romantic love-letter to his bitch? Yes yes yes!!!

  6. Dear Annon: You're weird. And seem to have a little tooo much time on your hands.
    Vicki - There will NEVER be enough of you.

    The End.

  7. Dear Annon - you are weird!!!!!!1111

    Hi Vicki, I am not participating in Dressember, but rather Decembeard, and i'm not just growing a beard on my face. It's a full body beard. It is more like a sweater. Maybe I will start a blog and take pictures of it. We can be virtual friends.